Couples announcements for September 2016




SUNNYSIDE — They celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and her 90th birthday on July 3 at Snipes Mountain Brewery and Restaurant. He will celebrate his 92nd birthday on Dec. 21. Ralph and Alice Prescott, were married July 5, 1946, in Polson, Mont. The couple has made Sunnyside their home for the majority of their married life. They lived in California from the 70s through the 80s, before returning to retire. He was a heavy equipment diesel mechanic and she retired as an insurance clerk at JCPenneys. They also owned and operated the Sunnyside Roller Skating Rink early in their married life. They continue to live in the home they built in 1954. The couple have two grandchildren, Keith and Kurtis Sparrow, and a number of great-grandchildren.