Story Time

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa, once again, I've procrastinated and haven't yet got off my annual letter to you in the mail. Realizing that it won't reach you by Christmas Day, I'm hoping that you are a regular reader of the Daily Sun News and will see it here.

Santa, I wish I could tell you I had a big list of things I'd like you to bring me this Christmas. But in all reality, there's really not much I want or need. I'm hoping for a pair of new bowling shoes, but you shouldn't worry about that. I think my wife, Kelly, picked up on a few pre-Christmas hints I dropped about the shoes and will be taking care of that wish.

Since there's really nothing I want you to bring me this Christmas, Santa, maybe you could take care of a few people on my gift list. Any help you can give in filling my wish list would be appreciated. Here goes:

• Dr. Rick Cole-an 80 percent approval rating on February's bond and levy issues. Should be a cinch since Sunnyside residents won't be offered such a great deal for years to come.

• Dave Fonfara-smooth sailing in Chelan. And, elected officials in that resort community who don't like micro-managing the day-to-day affairs of the city.

• Steve Urrutia-a varsity boys basketball schedule that allows him to attend all of his daughter's games.

• Roy Anciso-an appropriate thank you from the community for the 20 or so years he served Sunnyside, showing a sense of fair play for all who live here.

• Errol Brown-ditto!

• Lance Den Boer-a red shirt. Fifth year seniors can pack a mean punch.

• Tom Lathen-a Thursday night three-bagger.

• Jeff Bender-next year a finish that's one step above where he placed in this year's Central Washington PGA Pro-Am Series points standings.

• Scott Galbraith-at least one round in the 60's, please!

• Mike Farmer-the insight to realize that people don't need to attend city council meetings to have an opinion on what the city should spend its money on, just as people don't need to travel to Iraq to have an opinion on whether or not American troops should be there.

• Dean Wagenaar-a referee who's not afraid to blow his whistle in the closing moments of a game.

• Greg Schlieve-100 people who want to purchase a bronze plaque at Sunnyside's War Veterans Memorial. They're a great deal for those who want to memorialize the veterans in their families.

• Marshall Doak-the savvy to take on the lead role in landing the new county jail in Sunnyside, after county commissioners have it drilled into them that there is too much opposition for the facility to be built at the fairgrounds in Yakima.

• Bruce Ricks-a state grant that would give every merchant in town enough money to build a carbon copy replica of the train depot he had renovated. Heck, even enough money to put up a white picket fence around each new business.

• Rep. Dan Newhouse-a second year in Olympia that reflects the statesmanship and dignity he displayed there in 2003, making all 15th District voters proud that he was their choice.

• Sen. Jim Honeyford-the strength to continue fighting for and representing the business and farming interests of the Lower Yakima Valley.

• Ed Prilucik-a dinner invitation from the mayor of Zillah. My favorite uncle lays out a mean party spread.

• Ivan White-a copy of my checkbook register, showing that nearly all of my money is spent in Sunnyside.

• Peyton Manning-a five-touchdown performance at Houston this Sunday. I need it to have a shot at winning this year's Fantasy League.

• Don Vlieger-a gavel and a black robe. He may as well look the part.

• Bengie Aguilar-a steel fortress. I do believe she's under attack.

• Washington State Migrant Council-the understanding that they're not going to please everyone in town with the way they operate the new community center. They should just strive to make the center as accessible to as many people as possible.

• To all my golfing buddies-the generosity to give me an additional two strokes every round. My game's getting worse and I need the extra help.

If I've left anybody off my wish list that's deserving, Santa, could you please extend my apologies. By the same token, could you send an apology to those who might not have wanted to make my list.

Signing off until next year, Bobby

P.S. The milk and cookies can be found where I always leave them

. Bob Story,can be contacted at

(509) 837-4500, or e-mail him



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