DSN gets my vote

City council members will come and go but the Daily Sun News will last forever.

It's too bad that petty, partisan and personal attitudes prevail among a couple of our so-called representatives that we elected to be our voice. It's not about them; it's about all of us. If they think their vote is more powerful than ours as they pursue a personal and not so hidden agenda, let's show them that our votes count, too, as we vote them out of office.

I am not that naive that I believe everything I read or watch on TV, but in my dealings with the DSN and in my 15 years of professional experience as a TV news journalist, my bias, yes, I said bias, is to side with the fourth estate. Let the politicians cry and whine about their unfair treatment in the newspaper. It will be duly noted, printed and published. If nothing else, it shows them for who they really are, spoiled brats who think the position they hold gives them the right to push their own personal agendas, mistakenly believing their personal vote can be used to put the local newspaper in its place or whatever happens to be the flavor of the day.

In an era where small town newspapers are struggling to survive, we need to keep and support ours, if not for the perspective it allows, then for the sense that it reflects, affirms and promotes the self-esteem of our community.

I have not seen one good reason for turning down the DSN bid for legal advertising. But the decision certainly fits with recent newspaper accounts of council meetings. According to public record, over the past few months city council meetings have been an embarrassing display of petty arguments, childish accusations against one another and the furthering of personal agendas at the expense of what's best for our community.

My question is, who will remember these clowns and their small town shenanigans in an historical sense? The answer: practically no one.

Historically, our newspaper has the reputation, the staying power and the commitment to this community and it will prevail, legal ads or not. The DSN gets my vote (by way of my subscription), if for nothing else, so we can keep an eye on these people who claim they have our best interests at heart.

/s/ Joe Meersman, Sunnyside

Health night support thanks

Thursday, March 11, Chief Kamiakin and Outlook elementary schools held our annual PE, health and fitness family night. The event was a huge success. There are many people who were responsible for the success of this evening.

First, we need to thank Dr. Carol Clarke, Adelia Goedhart and Cathy Mears. Without their support, direction and encouragement we would have been lost. Thanks also goes to the school nurses and the Farm Workers Clinic, who gave numerous vaccinations; Angela Gonzalez, Rene Morris, Jean Wolters, Ruben Carrera, Sue Covel, Stu Gates, Dave Van Dyke, Kelly Zakahi, Shirley Pedraza, Gayle Brewer, Marge Van Tress, Kathy Cullen, Jean Killian, Patty Griffith, Gail Boose, Chet Bridger, Mrs. Rasmussen's class, the Police Explorers and Julie Kaplicky, the many teachers and parents who volunteered their time to supervise, and all of the community resource people who came with information, they all did excellent jobs.

A special thanks to Leslie Dalley and the Washington Reading Corps members who gave away more than 200 books. Also, thanks goes to all of the parents and students who were there that evening. You have shown a great deal of care and concern about your children's well being.

We thank you all and we appreciate the time and effort you put in to make a project of this size a success. You have all shown that the health and fitness of students in the Sunnyside School District is important.

Special thanks to the Yakima Herald Republic, radio station KDNA and the Daily Sun News for their media coverage.

/s/ Deana Dalton and Mark Moore

DSN coverage

We have just discovered your newspaper's merits when you covered the Grandview Chamber of Commerce banquet and the introduction of the winners of Dollars for Scholars.

Your coverage, complete with high quality pictures, speaks volumes for your journalism, printing equipment and professionalism.

/s/ Jack E. Wyant, Grandview


I read with great interest the personal column by Tim Graff (March 31) and I wanted to immediately respond. Tim is absolutely right when he states that the support that the Daily Sun News has given to the Veterans Memorial in Sunnyside has been "instrumental in its success and still is to this day." There have been few who have given to the memorial project as have the staff at the Daily Sun News.

From the very beginning Tom Lanctot fully endorsed this project and gave us his full support. And everyone I have ever spoken to at the paper—Tim Graff, Bob Story and Julia Hart—to mention just a few, have also given us their full support. There is no doubt in my mind that without the help of the Daily Sun News, the War Veterans Memorial would never have been built. Every veteran in this community is indebted to this newspaper, and I encourage them to express how much they appreciate what the paper has done to make this memorial a reality. What the paper has done is truly a big deal, and I would totally disagree with any who feel that the newspaper is a plague on this community.

In the real world, big people are always able to set aside their personal differences and work for the good of the community. This is sometimes difficult...that I realize. But we are all called upon to serve a cause greater than ourselves. And how we do that may be the greatest contribution that we can give to any cause—and the greatest example that we can show to the youth of our community, who are watching us. It is certainly one of the greatest contributions that we will make to our own personal growth as a human being.

It is not easy to act impartially when one has personal feelings that are tugging on them. But when one can overcome those feelings and do what is right, then big things happen in this world. I say that not because I am always able to do that, but because when I am able...I have been greatly surprised at what can be accomplished and how enjoyable the task can become.

/s/ Greg Schlieve, Sunnyside War Veterans Memorial chairman

E-mail attack unprofessional

Since the reading of Bruce Ricks' e-mail at the council meeting of March 22, I have spoken to people throughout the community about how the contents of his e-mail have made people irate, disturbed and upset that a city councilman would have a "personal agenda" against certain businesses or agencies within the community. His attacks towards the Daily Sun News and the Chamber of Commerce are, in my eyes, totally unprofessional and are actions that cause a division between the city council and other agencies, instead of unity to work towards the same goals such as promoting current and future business growth.

I strongly urge residents and business owners within our community to attend the weekly council meetings to voice your concerns, either for or against. After all, this is America and as Americans we have a constitutional right as citizens to "freedom of speech."

The city council are people that we, as citizens, have voted into office because we have the faith in them to generate ordinances that will promote growth in our community and make our community a safe and prosperous place to live. If the members of the city council do things that cause division, disruption and other things that we, the community, feel are not best for the city, then there are actions that can be taken to relieve these council persons of their duties. I hope it doesn't come to that point.

Finally, when I go before the city council I do it as a citizen who has lived here for 44 years, not as a city firefighter.

See you at the next council meeting.

/s/ Bob Johnson, Sunnyside


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