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Mayhem rules the roost

Who knew that over the course of a lifetime you could accumulate so much stuff? My husband and I are currently in the process of moving, and oh my gosh, we have mountains and mountains of stuff. We have boxes filled with Christmas decorations, books and pictures frames. The sad thing is, or shall I say the scary thing, is that we haven't even gotten down to the heavy duty packing.

I already have boxes lining the hallway, pictures taken off of the wall and, well basically, a house that is in complete disarray. Wow, I hate moving.

I don't know about anyone else, but when I start packing things up for a move I quickly find that my emotional attachment to certain items begins to fade. All of a sudden that box full of sorority house mementos from college doesn't seem as important as it did just a few months ago. Ultimately, I end up getting a little garbage happy, throwing away things that are perfectly good so I don't have to haul them to a new place.

My husband and I have now been busy packing up our house for almost an entire week. This means that thanks to my husband's forethought, I no longer know what time it is in my house because he has already taken all of the clocks off the walls. This also means that when I wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water I hit my shins on all of the boxes that aren't usually found in the kitchen and hallway.

Even though I dislike having to go through the trouble of putting every single item I own into a box, simply to be moved to its new home, then putting everything back onto the shelf it used to sit on, what I hate even more is moving day, itself. That's the day that all of the heavy lifting is done.

Call me a prissy girl if you want to, but I am not as strong as my husband and I am physically unable to lift as much weight as he can. When it comes to things like picking up the living room sofa I do tend to need a few breaks between the house and moving truck. This is something my husband has yet to figure out.

There is one thing that's a little different about this move than any of our others. This time we are taking the gradual approach, moving into our new place over the course of a few weeks.

When we first decided on this method of moving, both Doug and I were excited about it. Neither of us have ever had a relaxing move, instead it is usually an out-of-one-place-and-into-another fiasco that takes place in one or two days.

However, now that we are nearing moving in time I am beginning to see the drawbacks of taking the laid back approach to moving. Instead of our house being in disarray for only a day or two, our house is going to be in disarray for two or three weeks. Yikes...what were we thinking?


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