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Two weeks later, and we're still moving

Just last night I was sitting in my old kitchen, wiping out the different cabinets, while thinking how it has already been two weeks since I wrote I my last column. Yep, I'm still in the process of moving out of one home and into another.

Since that last time I wrote my column, I, with the help of family and some good friends, have moved boxes, furniture, picture frames and tons of kitchen things into our new place. Believe me, I never had any idea that we owned so many different kitchen gadgets until late last weekend. I don't know why two people need three different popcorn poppers, both a regular- sized and a mini food processor, two coffee pots, a bundt pan (which has been used once) and an entire array of different slotted spoons, ladles, tongs, cheese graters, and everything else that is now sitting in a big drawer in our new kitchen.

Moving has also taken a toll on my clothing options. Earlier this week my mornings included diving through different suitcases looking for anything that might match and would be semi-appropriate for the weather. (This means no giant wool sweaters, which I kept running into.) It wasn't until about Wednesday that I was able to clean out my closet and get my clothes in order and ready to wear. That's right, I had to clean out my new closet, because of course I got the one that had a "funny" smell in it, which of course my husband said would be what I smelled like if I hung anything in that closet. So now, after scrubbing the walls of the closet, hanging cedar blocks off the closet rod and placing a new dryer sheet on the top shelf, my closet is now smell free and my clothes have a nice, new home.

The other thing I have had to adjust to in the last couple of weeks has been the idea of living in the country. I know this probably sounds funny considering that I grew up in Grandview, but still, I have always lived in a neighborhood within the city limits. I still haven't gotten used to it getting so dark at night or the way it can be really quiet when no one is around. I'm told by everyone else I know who lives in the middle of nowhere that one day I will come to really love those things. I'm not quite sure if they've convinced me yet.

All I really know is that the end of the month is rapidly approaching, which means it will be time to give up my downtown living completely to become the country folk that everyone says I will really enjoy being. The only thing I know is that it means that moving will soon draw to a close, and that is something with which I can definitely live.


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