Sweepstakes scam artist targets elderly Sunnyside woman

The Sunnyside Police Department is warning local residents to beware of any telephone callers who promise you a sweepstakes prize.

According to Sgt. Jeff Cunningham, a local elderly woman was contacted recently via the telephone and told she was the winner of a prize totaling more than $240,000. Cunningham said the caller, a man, pretended to be an attorney representing a sweepstakes group.

Cunningham said the caller asked the woman for a credit card confirmation, "...and that $2,400 would be charged to her card as a processing feee to ensure the payment.

"The suspect stated that after processing the fee, a prize money check would be mailed to the victim," Cunningham said.

Cunningham said the intended victim recognized this as a scam and did not provide the information the caller requested.

"With the increase of identity theft, this is a warning, informing people about giving out personal and credit information over the phone to unknown people and organizations," Cunningham said.


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