Man arrested on charges of imprisonment

Anthony Scott Snyder, 22, of Outlook was arrested by Yakima County Sheriff's deputies last Thursday night on charges of damaging a vehicle and unlawfully imprisoning a Spokane woman.

According to a Yakima County Sheriff's deputy spokesperson, Snyder is charged with damaging a former girlfriend's vehicle while it was at an Outlook residence.

Deputies believe when the woman went to a nearby home, belonging to a member of Snyder's family, to call police, Snyder followed her into the house. Snyder allegedly blocked the woman in a room and threatened to hit her when she attempted to leave, according to the Sheriff's report. The woman also alleges she was slapped by Snyder.

The incident is believed to stem from the woman's desire to return to Spokane.

Snyder has been charged with first degree malicious mischief and unlawful imprisonment. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing today (Friday).


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