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The original idea for this came out of a Yakima Herald-Republic article, but after Ms. Honeyford added her two cents worth to the fray, I decided to give it to you.

I spent 20 years of my life defending the rights and ideas of the citizens of this great country of ours and I do not like the way it is currently going. We are an example to darn near every country on Earth about the freedoms that we have in this country, about having free elections to vote in or out whoever we want to represent us and then we turn right around and make the voting process questionable.

There were rumors during this last Presidential election that only the voters of the party to which the President belonged would be allowed to vote, or that only the votes from those who were of that party would be counted. USSR, China, most of your religious dominated and run countries all practice the same policy. Is this what we want for this country?

If it is, there is going to be a lot of things changed and a lot of government run programs which will go by the wayside, as well as freedom of the press, personal freedom/privacy, the environment and freedom of religion.

It's great to sit on the fence and tell the world that Ms. Gregoire should get on with life and toss in the ring. Ms. Gregoire is not a dove, but a hawk and it appears that big business doesn't like female hawks. If this were to happen to Ms. Honeyford, would she be so critical about tossing in the ring? I think not.

Forty-two votes out of 2.8 million cast for Washington state governor are all that separate the two candidates. If this was a horse race, it would be a photo finish and both would be declared the winner. It doesn't work that way in politics, but nothing ever does.

If we are going to give the citizens of this great land the right to vote, then we had better count "all" the votes and not have someone from one particular party or another publically state, "Well, we didn't count all the votes, there were some that we didn't think were legal." To do otherwise just moves us one step closer to anarchy.

Remember, Rome did not fall from aggression. Neither did Russia. The last arms race destroyed the Russian economy and it didn't help ours too good either. Their money became worthless, will ours also become worthless after the Iraq war is over? Or will it be over before the administration would like? Once a country can't pay its citizens or military, nothing will keep it afloat. Canadian money is almost equal to U.S. currency. Scary.

If anything happens to the USA, the world will become total chaos and you can forget all of your little perks. Those in power will be the first to go and God help them. Those with money will find themselves just as bad off as the others and the money will be worthless. Voting, the right to write these little letters and even have them printed, human rights, welfare, social security, police and all other government programs will disappear.

/s/ James B. Krueger, USAF, MSgt. Ret., Sunnyside

Who has the

low intelligence?

I am concerned about our school district's administration and school board. What these people are saying is that the Hispanic population in Sunnyside is an ignorant, low IQ culture.

Is it that the school district wants to lower the WASL test for the Hispanics because of the low intelligence of the Hispanic culture or because of the low intelligence of our school administration?

The community is made up of 80 percent Hispanics, at least. I have yet to meet one that I think is dumb. They are a great culture of people. The only problem I see is that they are coming from a different environment into another they are not acclimated to.

I believe that of all the school administrators who are making $80,.000 or more a year, surely someone should realize it is their job to solve this problem. Solving a problem and eliminating a problem are two different avenues of reaching your goals. But with different results.

This WASL test is of utmost importance in our education standards today. Here we have an administration full of people with Master's degrees and Doctorates. Is it not fair that students are not pushed to the max so they also have a chance to attain the goals of our administrators?

The Hispanics are very smart people, like any other race. They need the chance. We have teachers who are more than capable of getting these kids to pass the WASL tests.

But I am starting to see that we have an administration that would rather take the easy way out. And a school board that is not leading, but following. Is it time to eliminate half the administration and put in three more teachers for each eliminated administrator?

Without this stringent course of action towards education, the Hispanics will be out in those fields doing manual labor the rest of their lives. I do not think this is really what the Hispanic culture wants for their youth.

Keep this WASL test going in our school district. If the students need help, then tutoring is the answer. We have churches in town that can help, we have the Migrant Council that can help.

In closing, all I can say is if the Hispanic culture wants to keep their youth in the fields and not becoming teachers, administrators, doctors, lawyers and CEO's of major corporations, then forget the WASL test. But they are your kids. I am ashamed of our school district and school board for buckling under and taking a negative attitude towards the WASL tests. You should hang your heads low.

/s/ Don Padelford, Sunnyside


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