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One little Christmas card is all it takes

Last Friday, one week ago to the day, I received my very first Christmas card of the season. Instead of having my normal response to the holiday greeting, it practically sent a chill down my spine. I had received my first Christmas card and I wasn't any where close to having mine remotely ready to be mailed. The simple little card, had my mind racing, ticking off all of the things I suddenly realized I had left to do before Christmas arrived on the scene.

I don't know how simply receiving a Christmas card can set you in motion, but that is exactly what the last week has been for me - a whirl of motion.

Since I broke the seal of that first Christmas card I have been busy working to get myself prepared and ready for the impending holiday. Over the weekend, I managed to look relaxed while I spent most of Saturday innocently scrapbooking with my regular group of Sassy Scrappers. However, what none of my fellow scrapbook friends knew until now, was that immediately following scrapbooking I went into crazy Christmas mode. I went home, sat down at the computer and composed a Christmas letter, printed out 50 copies - twice. (The first contained a spelling error that went unnoticed until I started folding them.)

After writing my Christmas letter I went into folding mode, folding them all neatly into quarters. I arranged for a friend to come over and take my Christmas picture on Sunday afternoon. She arrived right on time and clicked off a whole roll of me, my husband and our dog in front of the Christmas tree. The second she was out of the driveway, Doug and I hopped in our own car with the roll of film and headed off to get it developed. An hour later, I had a Christmas picture.

I then spent my Sunday night scanning and printing 50 Christmas pictures, cutting each of them out and stacking them neatly alongside the rest of my Christmas card supplies. Sitting at the dining room table I was surrounded by large piles of Christmas cards, envelopes, Christmas letters, pictures and, of course, my trusty address book.

I even managed to get a little help from my husband, who penned a jolly Merry Christmas on everyone's card. Which meant all I had to take care of was signing my name, oh yeah and addressing each envelope and stuffing each one with a letter and a picture.

By the time I went to bed Sunday night I was feeling a lot better about my holiday preparations. My Christmas cards were just about ready to go with the exception of a few addresses I needed.

When I received my second Christmas card of the season Monday afternoon I was remarkably calm. Had I sent my cards off yet? No. But boy, are they getting closer and closer to being completed and sent off to the post office. It's always something...I'm still waiting on a few addresses and up until last night I was waiting to buy pretty Christmas stamps. See, my excuses are getting weaker, which means I must be getting close to getting them all sent out.

The one thing I do know is that it's amazing the power just one Christmas card can have on someone.


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