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Dishing out my Christmas wishes

With the holidays upon us I tend to get in the festive mood. Some may never guess it by my demeanor, but nonetheless I am festive. Tis the season and all that good stuff.

So with this week's column, I would like to dish out some holiday cheer to people as Christmas comes oh so near.

The following is my list of Christmas wishes I have.

Dave Martinez: To one of my favorite high school coaches, I wish a successful baseball season. However, my friend, start working early on the pitching staff.

Tom Byers: I wish the best of luck to in your future endeavors. You have been a vital part of the success the city has had with its parks and recreation program. I know it is no consolation, but I think the city made a great mistake eliminating your position. I for one will miss your whit and the way you call a strike when it is low and to the outside.

Christine Gregoire: The knowledge to know when to quit. No matter how many times you demand a recount in the governor's race there isn't going to be enough votes. Al Gore knew when to quit a few years back, so I suggest you do the same. But much like the female race, she will fight to the very end.

Brock Ledgerwood: I wish you undaunted success for the 2004-05 boys basketball season. But beware, Sunnyside Christian High School boys basketball coach Dean Wagenaar and his Knights are going to come ready to play.

The LaSalle High School boys basketball team: The ability to execute your "A" game this season because last year against the Sunnyside Christian High School boys basketball team your best game wasn't quite good enough.

Jim Bridges: Much success as the new Sunnyside Public Works Director. Sunnyside City Manager Bob Stockwell made a wise choice in selecting you to run the public works department. I just hope you have a public works department to run next year.

Employees of the Sunnyside Public Works Department: I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It is a shame you will have to worry about your jobs over the holidays.

Bob Stockwell: I wish he would give me access to the secret piggy bank our city manager apparently has. It is amazing the way the initial budget predictions were bordering on catastrophic. But all of a sudden, Mr. Stockwell found the money to do things such as operate the community center, keep firemen and whatever else there was, except to retain Byers as head of the parks and recreation department. I don't agree with his decision, as it boils down to offering a quality of life service. But I would still like to have access to his secret cash stash.

Councilman Don Vlieger: Continued love the newspaper industry has for all politicians.

Wal-Mart: Harder times. Despite all of Wal-Mart's efforts to destroy small town America, local business still finds a way to overcome the corporate giant.

Denny Brown: I love this guy! Denny is a fantastic, fantastic individual. Denny, who is the athletic director and assistant principal at Mabton High School, and Mabton Principal Keith Morris provide an outstanding service for the youth of Mabton. I wish you the continued success in Mabton during the coming year.

Bill Gant: To the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association District 5 Secretary, I wish he could somehow convey to the athletic directors around the state that there is nothing wrong with the classification system the way it is now. Unfortunately in every classification, there has to be a large school and a small school. But did Grandview High School really do so badly in the Mid-Valley League?

Judie Essary: For the lady who has everything at city hall, I wish a pay raise. My dear, you do way too much and aren't paid nearly enough.

Mark Kunkler: Continued employment with the City of Sunnyside, regardless of what the signs near Bi-Mart say.

Wendy Kantman: To my beloved wife, I wish the knowledge to know that what I feel for Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie is strictly passion. My love for them doesn't hold a candle to what I feel for you my little sugar momma.

Tyler and Ethan Kantman: For Tyler, I wish a very happy belated 10th birthday. My eldest was upset I didn't recognize his monumental moment on a more public level. For Ethan, I wish he gets the first meal at the new Old Country Buffet that will be opening in Sunnyside. The kid loves eating at the Country Buffet in the Tri-Cities.

While there is not enough space to cover everyone in town, I would just like to wish the community of Sunnyside a very, very Merry Christmas.

. Mike Kantman can be contacted at (509) 837-4500, or email him at


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