Gay marriages

Can you imagine anything as silly as defining marriage as something other than a union between a man and woman?

It's almost as silly saying killing babies isn't murder...oh wait, we do that. How about saying that taking money from one person and giving it to another isn't stealing...oh wait, we call that wealth redistribution. OK, it's almost as silly as saying that wanting something you can't afford isn't coveting...oh wait, we can buy it now and pay later.

Come on, America! How much farther will we allow our society to be sucked into the abyss of relativism?

Besides, if you're content to define what's right and wrong on your own, then why do you need society's stamp of approval on your "marriage?"

/s/ Chad Werkhoven, Sunnyside

Holy Spirit

and abortion

Concerning the Holy Spirit and abortion, the spirit himself is the bond of love between the Father and the Son. He unites the human family, whereas abortion divides it.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord

and Giver of Life. Christians pray these words each Sunday as they worship God in churches throughout the world. At the same time, the life which the Holy Spirit gives is being attacked and destroyed by abortion. In the United States alone, some 4,000 children are legally killed each day by this surgical procedure.

For people filled with the Spirit, this is a tragedy that cannot possibly be ignored.

/s/ Robert F. Story Sr., Sunnyside

Hospital a treasure

This entire Valley needs to know what a treasure it has in Sunnyside Community Hospital.

After numerous times with family members and myself in ER, and most recently as an in-patient for several days, I experienced first-hand the quality of care this hospital provides. All of the staff—from admitting to pre-op, through the operating room to post-op and continuing daily care—plus Dr. Elerding and Dr. Wrung, were extremely kind, very professional, thorough, considerate and caring.

The beautiful facility and private rooms are quiet and very comfortable. Having spent several times in a large hospital

in metropolitan Los Angeles, I will take this wonderful, small town hospital any day.

Thank you to every one of the staff there who made my experience as good as it can be for the circumstances.

/s/ Mary Werkhoven, Sunnyside


Bob Story,can be contacted at

(509) 837-4500, or e-mail him at


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