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No more snoozing away my morning

For as long as I can remember I have had a special place in my heart for my alarm clock, and more specifically for the snooze button on my alarm clock.

That large rectangular button that taunts me with nine extra minutes of sleep every morning is something I have come to depend on since the days when my mother stopped waking me up for school.

However, my new mission in life is to cut out my old friend, and be a one alarm kind of girl.

I don't know who I'm kidding thinking that those little nine-minute naps I get in the morning after the first alarm goes off can equal real sleep. I don't know why I think that staring at the numbers clicking by on the alarm clock from my cozy bed is relaxing.

I have had mornings that instead of getting up and going over to my closet to pick out what I'm going to wear for the day, I will hit the snooze button and tell myself that I am getting extra minutes of sleep by visualizing my closet in my head. I can often convince myself to hit the snooze button again if I have managed to pick an outfit out of my "mental closet" that will not have to be ironed.

Now that I take a minute to actually write this information down as I sit at my desk this morning...I realize that this sounds just a little insane.

That's why I am trying to remove the snooze button from my morning routine. Instead of lying in bed napping in nine-minute intervals thinking I am somehow setting myself up for a relaxing day, when in reality what happens is all of sudden I will look at the actual numbers on the clock and realize that if I don't get out of bed in the next 10 seconds I will be late for work. This is actually the opposite of relaxing. Running around like a mad woman as I try to find the outfit I picked out while laying in my warm bed is ridiculous. Especially when I could have simply woken up nine minutes earlier, walked over to the closet and chosen a perfectly nice outfit without having to run from room to room trying to guess which closet it is actually in.

I also realize that instead of setting my alarm clock 45 to 30 minutes ahead of when I actually have to wake up means that the snooze button is, in reality, allowing me less sleep than if I simply woke up when I had to in order to make it work on time.

That's it...the alarm has finally sounded and instead of hitting the snooze button I am waking up. No more snoozing for me.

. Elena Olmstead can be contacted at (509) 837-4500, or e-mail her at eolmstead@eaglenewspapers.com


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