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My snowy weather love affair

I admit it. I'm having a love affair and the object of my affection is tall, dark and ruggedly handsome.

The new love of my life ensures that I arrive at work safe and sound every day, takes me everywhere a girl could want to go without complaining and gives me that extra boost of confidence when I need it.

That's right, I'm in love with my husband's Jeep Cherokee.

Since the first of the year, when the snow just wouldn't stop coming, I have commandeered our four-wheel drive Jeep. The first day I drove it to work I was unsure if forsaking my little red car with such amenities as power windows and door locks was worth it. However, the first time I plowed my way down an unplowed road, I took back every bad thing I have ever said about the old Jeep.

Since the day my husband bought it I have wanted practically nothing to do with the car, excuse me SUV. He would suggest driving the Jeep to the Tri-Cities. I would say no. That's just the way it has been forever.

But my tune has changed in a way I never thought possible. Since the first snowflake fell just two weeks ago I have driven nothing else. My husband now enjoys telling people that he can't get me out from behind the wheel of the four-wheel drive vehicle.

The funny thing is, I don't think I'm the only woman in town having a snowy weather love affair. I have friends who have been driving their husband's pickups and SUVs when they usually wouldn't. And talking to them, I don't think it's necessarily the higher seating position or the manly growl of the engine that has turned us all into four-wheel drive fans so quickly. Instead, I think it's that driving these vehicles we instantly feel there is one less thing to worry about when driving down snowy roads.

The entire time I have driven the Jeep I have never once gotten stuck, and I like that.

I'm not trying to say that I'm one of those drivers who gets behind the wheel of a four-wheel drive vehicle in bad weather and just starts barreling down the road like I'm invincible. Are you kidding? Like I said before, driving the Jeep I just feel like there is one less thing I have to worry about in bad weather. I can be pretty confident that if I slide off the road I will be able to get back on and try again.

However, like every love affair I think the thaw we've been experiencing lately will bring my affinity for the Jeep back down to earth. I guess it's about time for me to let my husband drive it again.

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