What's in your future?

The classified advertisement reads, "psychic reader tells past, present and future."

Already knowing one's past, it might be nice to know what lies ahead. Will there be travel, success, money in one's future? This close to Valentine's Day, there are many speculations about romance and marriage in one's future. It is that type of curiosity that draws people to visit Sunnyside's Anna Marks and her mother, Rosita Marks, self-proclaimed psychics.

The women are descendants of a long line of gypsy women with a talent for looking into the palms of people wanting to know what to expect in the days ahead.

"People come to us seeking help with relationships, business and about every issue imaginable," said Anna, who has been practicing telling fortunes for the past seven years or so.

While most people don't think palm reading is anything more than a parlor game, the Marks are serious about the art of palm reading. They call it a gift, one which sometimes causes them to feel vibrations from their clients and to even experience trances. They said with their talent for seeing the future they have helped a lot of people with love, marriage, health and finances.

"We just try to help people and answer their questions," said Anna.

Rosita, 62, also earns her living gazing into the collection of seemingly random lines of her clients' hands. From the lines, she says she is able to see the past, current happenings in one's life and what may happen in the future.

It's a gift to be able to look into the future and help people see what's coming, she said. Sometimes she is able to help her clients to change the outcome.

"I like to tell them something good, something that will make them happy," Rosita admits. "I don't like to tell people of bad things which might come their way," she said.

But if there are bad omens in her client's hands, she and her daughter offer to help the client, to pray and to light candles seeking to shift the future.

"We help a lot of people with questions about their lives," she said.

People want to know if loved ones are going to come back, if they will be successful, have money and even if travel will be good, Rosita said.

Like her mother, Anna began learning the language of the hands as a small girl, learning to interpret and read what the lifeline, the heart line and assortment of other swells and dips of an individual's hands may reveal.

"Not everyone can do this," Anna said. "Sometimes the gift skips a generation," she said.

The Marks women usually don't advertise their service, preferring word-of-mouth or to have people see their Yakima Valley Highway sign and drop by for a reading.

"Most of our clients live around here," the younger Marks said.

"But we have people from all over the state come to us," she said.

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(509) 837-4500, or you can e-mail her at jhart@eaglenewspapers.com.


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