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I want a nephew for my birthday

It's about six weeks until my birthday and I've already made a list of what I would like. I don't usually come up with a list of items I would like for my birthday. I usually reserve that right for Christmas, but this year my husband has hinted about birthday presents.

With about six weeks to spare, I hope my family will be able to arrange my birthday present.

There is really only one thing I want for my birthday...a nephew.

That's right, I'm asking for a nephew for my birthday.

My brother's wife is pregnant with their first child (who will also be the first grandchild in my family). We found out earlier this year that the baby is a boy.

My sister-in-law is due Sept. 1, which is four days before my birthday, so I've been hoping that she will be able to hold on until the fifth of the month, which is my birthday.

I would love to share a birthday with my first nephew.

The difficulty through this pregnancy, for us, has been my brother and sister-in-laws reluctancy to share the name of their first born son.

We have asked repeatedly what the name will be and Daniel has refused to tell us his name, insisting that they plan to name the child Chewbacca.

From day-one, my husband has called the little guy Skipper, which has not made my brother happy. He's insisted that his child will not be named after Barbie's little sister. I think my husband was thinking more along the lines of Gilligan's Island.

It doesn't matter. Either way, we are still in the dark as to what the name of this child will be.

At this time all I can do is guess.

Before they got pregnant, Daniel and Angie had a laundry-list of names they were considering. At one time I know they were considering Dennis for a first name and A. as the middle name, which is the first name and middle initial of both of their fathers. I think that idea has gone to the wayside. I don't think they will have a Daniel Jr. Anyone who knows my brother knows the world isn't ready for that. We're still recovering from his growing up years.

Living in Philadelphia, maybe they will name him Rocky Balboa Browning. But, if they ever moved back to Washington the kid would get beat up.

Supposedly, they told one of my grandmothers the proposed name, but she hasn't said anything about it. Maybe I will bake a batch of cookies and try to bribe the name out of her.

Hey, maybe I could bribe the name out of my brother. I could tell him that would be his birthday present to me, just in case Angie has the baby the day she's due.

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