Sharks chew up Tarpons, 560-269

TOPPENISH - Sunnyside's summer swim team found the Toppenish pool, the site of this coming weekend's championship meet, to its liking last night.

Competing in the next to the last regular swim meet of the season Tuesday evening, the Sharks swamped the host Tarpons by a 560-269 score. Sunnyside closes out the regular season tonight (Wednesday) at home against the Selah Dolphins.

Yesterday's dominating victory over Toppenish upped the Sharks' season record to 9-2.

Complete results from last night's meet follow:

200-meter medley relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (M. Broersma, T. Castillo, A. Newhouse, E. Hutchins) 3:26.59.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (C. Vargas, G. Rodriguez, T. Stiteler, D. Anderson) 4:02.44.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (A. Martin, J. Alexander, K. Dolan, S. Siller) 2:58.68.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (E. Vargas, A. Henry, J. Hollander, O. Vergara) 3:18.96.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (K. Knee, J. Mendoza, M. Tyler, K. Broersma) 2:43.65.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Toppenish (A. Galaviz, S. Drews, E. Vasquez, J. Clark) 3:01.34.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Sunnyside (C. Moore, H. Glockner, C. Funk, M. Durfey) 2:47.83.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Sunnyside (L. Matson, R. Razey, E. Kresse, A. Henry) 2:44.12.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Toppenish (D. Serna, T. Ward, T. Roth, Z. Clark) 2:56.31.

50-meter butterfly

Girls 8&U: 1st-Alexis Medelez (T) 53.50, 2nd-Brittany Broersma (S) 1:02.81, 3rd-Sydnee Hernandez (S) 1:10.34, 4th-Lyndsee Anderson (S) 1:22.90.

Boys 8&U: 1st-Tad Tyhuis (S) 59.84, 2nd-Enrique Davalos (T) 1:12.00.

Girls 10&U: 1st-Toni Castillo (S), 2nd-Marisa Broersma (S) 58.21, 3rd-Emily Hutchins (S) 1:03.56, 4th-Helena Erickson (T) 1:07.92.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Cristian Vargas (S) 49.21, 2nd-Tim Stiteler (S) 56.25, 3rd-Giovanni Rodriguez (S) 1:07.65, 4th-Ryan Johnson (T) 1:16.59.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Kathleen Dolan (S) 40.03, 2nd-Megan Schlenker (S) 45.81, 3rd-Alissa Martin (S) 46.15, 4th-Sabrina Galaviz (T) 46.46.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Jacob Hollander (S) 46.68, 2nd-Mathew Bermudez (S) 50.34, 3rd-Andre Nunez (T) 51.12, 4th-Omar Vergara (S) 51.93.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Katie Knee (S) 36.18, 2nd-Megan Tyler (S) 42.93, 3rd-Kasi Guillen (S) 43.62, 4th-Kaitlyn Broersma (S) 44.65.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Sam Bardell (S) 43.75, 2nd-David Funk (S) 44.87, 3rd-Alexander Henry (S) 45.18, 4th-Jacob Anderson (S) 46.43.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Rachelle Durfey (S) 40.87, 2nd-Cami Funk (S) 44.46, 3rd-Crystal Moore (S) 45.84, 4th-Laura Drews (T) 51.12.

Boys 16&U: 1st-Tyler Ward (T) 37.40, 2nd-Tyler Roth (T) 41.78, 3rd-Daniel Serna (T) 42.07, 4th-Jacob Kresse (S) 43.06.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Emily Kresse (S) 38.31, 2nd-Laura Matson (S) 40.00, 3rd-Nicole Garza (S) 40.78, 4th-Rebecca Razey (S) 41.57.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Zack Clark (T) 36.48, 2nd-Amor Sosa (T) 42.69, 3rd-Daniel Drews (T) 1:04.80, 4th-Kaleb Hursh (S) 1:07.23.

50-meter breaststroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-B. Broersma (S) 1:00.28, 2nd-A. Medelez (T) 1:04.45, 3rd-S. Hernandez (S) 1:10.53, 4th-L. Anderson (S) 1:16.50.

Boys 8&U: 1st-T. Tyhuis (S) 1:06.75, 2nd-E. Davalos (T) 1:21.98, 3rd-Zack Collins (T) 1:24.01, 4th-Ethan Partch (S) 1:46.87.

Girls 10&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 50.43, 2nd-M. Broersma (S) 52.68, 3rd-Katie Sysling (T) 57.90, 4th-E. Hutchins (S) 58.96.

Boys 10&U: 1st-C. Vargas (S) 55.21, 2nd-G. Rodriguez (S) 56.90, 3rd-T. Stiteler (S) 1:07.23, 4th-Grant Stutesman (S) 1:09.97.

Girls 12&U: 1st-K. Dolan (S) 45.53, 2nd-Angela Chavez (T) 46.26, 3rd-A. Martin (S) 48.84, 4th-Josslyn Ahumada (S) 50.18.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Brad Luff (S) 52.65, 2nd-J. Hollander (S) 53.15, 3rd-Aaron Henry (S) 53.50, 4th-A. Nunez (T) 54.26.

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 43.18, 2nd-K. Guillen (S) 47.19, 3rd-M. Tyler (S) 48.59, 4th-Janelle Mendoza (S) 48.90.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Anthony Galaviz (T) 40.17, 2nd-A. Henry (S) 44.75, 3rd-D. Funk (S) 46.87, 4th-Michael Bermudez (S) 51.03.

Girls 16&U: 1st-R. Durfey (S) 44.06, 2nd-H. Glockner (S) 45.18, 3rd-C. Moore (S) 45.20, 4th-C. Funk (S) 46.28.

Boys 16&U: 1st-D. Serna (T) 43.35, 2nd-T. Ward (T) 44.49, 3rd-Derek Valdez (T) 47.12, 4th-T. Roth (T) 47.28.

Girls 18&U: 1st-S. Galaviz (T) 41.03, 2nd-R. Razey (S) 46.17, 3rd-Anna Henry (S) 46.25, 4th-E. Kresse (S) 47.96.

Boys 18&U: 1st-A. Sosa (T) 40.29, 2nd-Z. Clark (T) 42.25, 3rd-D. Drews (T) 1:07.18, 4th-K. Hursh (S) 1:10.75.

50-meter backstroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-B. Broersma (S) 52.90, 2nd-A. Medelez (T) 55.84, 3rd-S. Hernandez (S) 59.03, 4th-Elena Maltos (S) 1:10.49.

Boys 8&U: 1st-T. Tyhuis (S) 57.40, 2nd-E. Davalos (T) 1:07.90, 3rd-Z. Collins (T) 1:15.25, 4th-Fox Rodriguez (S) 1:29.90.

Girls 10&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 46.81, 2nd-M. Broersma (S) 54.31, 3rd-H. Erickson (T) 1:00.22, 4th-Hannah Hollander (S) 1:01.53.

Boys 10&U: 1st-C. Vargas (S) 54.06, 2nd-G. Rodriguez (S) 57.15, 3rd-T. Stiteler (S) 1:07.68, 4th-Ryan Johnson (T) 1:19.15.

Girls 12&U: 1st-K. Dolan (S) 41.75, 2nd-S. Galaviz (T) 45.60, 3rd-Bryanna Doonan (T) 50.31, 4th-A. Martin (S) 50.39.

Boys 12&U: 1st-A. Nunez (T) 47.03, 2nd-J. Hollander (S) 49.09, 3rd-E. Vargas (S) 52.96, 4th-Andrew Myer (S) 55.20.

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 39.90, 2nd-K. Broersma (S) 42.28, 3rd-M. Tyler (S) 44.62, 4th-Emma Sidwell (T) 46.87.

Boys 14&U: 1st-A. Galaviz (T) 35.37, 2nd-S. Drews (T) 44.15, 3rd-S. Bardell (S) 44.62, 4th-Eduardo Vasquez (T) 48.97.

Girls 16&U: 1st-S. Galaviz (T) 44.34, 2nd-C. Moore (S) 44.68, 3rd-L. Drews (T) 50.78, 4th-R. Durfey (S) 51.43.

Boys 16&U: 1st-T. Roth (T) 43.62, 2nd-D. Serna (T) 44.37, 3rd-T. Ward (T) 44.37, 4th-D. Valdez (T) 48.78.

Girls 18&U: 1st-A. Henry (S) 47.37, 2nd-E. Kresse (S) 48.06.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Z. Clark (T) 43.03, 2nd-A. Sosa (T) 44.68, 3rd-D. Drews (T) 59.61, 4th-K. Hursh (S) 1:39.90.

50-meter freestyle

Girls 8&U: 1st-B. Broersma (S) 43.37, 2nd-A. Medelez (T) 44.25, 3rd-S. Hernandez (S) 46.40, 4th-L. Anderson (S) 1:01.55.

Boys 8&U: 1st-T. Tyhuis (S) 45.71, 2nd-E. Davalos (T) 56.61, 3rd-Z. Collins (T) 1:07.94, 4th-E. Partch (S) 1:27.59.

Girls 10&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 39.18, 2nd-M. Broersma (S) 43.00, 3rd-E. Hutchins (S) 49.59, 4th-Priscilla Bermudez (S) 52.25.

Boys 10&U: 1st-C. Vargas (S) 42.81, 2nd-T. Stiteler (S) 44.34, 3rd-G. Rodriguez (S) 51.18, 4th-Tony Garza (S) 56.09.

Girls 12&U: 1st-K. Dolan (S) 33.18, 2nd-S. Galaviz (T) 37.90, 3rd-Angela Chavez (T) 38.30, 4th-M. Schlenker (S) 39.25.

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 39.62, 2nd-A. Nunez (T) 40.18, 3rd-A. Henry (S) 41.26, 4th-O. Vergara (S) 42.03.

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 32.40, 2nd-K. Broersma (S) 35.12, 3rd-E. Sidwell (T) 35.15, 4th-M. Tyler (S) 36.90.

Boys 14&U: 1st-S. Bardell (S) 34.00, 2nd-D. Funk (S) 36.09, 3rd-A. Henry (S) 37.12, 4th-J. Anderson (S) 38.15.

Girls 16&U: 1st-R. Durfey (S) 35.21, 2nd-C. Moore (S) 37.25, 3rd-H. Glockner (S) 40.03, 4th-C. Funk (S) 42.48.

Boys 16&U: 1st-T. Ward (T) 33.03, 2nd-T. Roth (T) 37.03, 3rd-D. Valdez (T) 38.01, 4th-J. Kresse (S) 40.81.

Girls 18&U: 1st-L. Matson (S) 34.89, 2nd-R. Razey (S) 34.93, 3rd-E. Kresse (S) 37.53, 4th-A. Henry (S) 40.34.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Z. Clark (T) 31.70, 2nd-A. Sosa (T) 33.28, 3rd-K. Hursh (S) 51.81, 4th-D. Drews (T) 1:04.90.

200-meter freestyle relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (M. Broersma, E. Hutchins, T. Castillo, H. Hollander) 3:16.90.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (T. Stiteler, D. Anderson, G. Rodriguez, E. Vargas) 3:26.31.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (A. Martin, S. Siller, J. Ahumada, K. Dolan) 2:37.28.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (A. Henry, J. Hollander, E. Vargas, O. Vergara) 2:55.00.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (K. Broersma, M. Tyler, K. Guillen, K. Knee) 2:24.90.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Toppenish (Galaviz, Vasquez, Drews, Clark) 2:33.28.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Sunnyside (C. Moore, H. Glockner, C. Funk, R. Durfey) 2:37.76.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Sunnyside (L. Matson, E. Kresse, A. Henry, R. Razey) 2:32.71.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Toppenish (Serna, Ward, Roth, Clark) 3:02.49.

200-meter individual medley

Girls 10&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 3:34.40, 2nd-E. Hutchins (S) 4:35.21, 3rd-H. Erickson (T) 4:48.00, 4th-M. Clark (T) 5:08.90.

Boys 10&U: 1st-C. Vargas (S) 4:17.93, 2nd-G. Rodriguez (S) 4:30.15, 3rd-T. Stiteler (S) 4:32.35, 4th-E. Davalos (T) 4:48.00.

Girls 12&U: 1st-K. Dolan (S) 3:14.18, 2nd-S. Galaviz (T) 3:28.64, 3rd-A. Martin (S) 3:44.62, 4th-S. Tanawasha (T) 3:45.82.

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 3:44.68, 2nd-A. Henry (S) 3:56.25, 3rd-A. Nunez (T) 3:57.76, 4th-E. Vargas (S) 4:00.82.

Girls 14&U: 1st-K.Knee (S) 3:09.53, 2nd-M. Tyler (S) 3:30.31, 3rd-K. Broersma (S) 3:30.65, 4th-E. Sidwell (T) 3:31.82.

Boys 14&U: 1st-A. Henry (S) 3:42.96, 2nd-E. Vasquez (T) 4:12.65, 3rd-S. Drews (T) 4:13.08, 4th-Michael Hutchins (S) 4:32.18.

Girls 16&U: 1st-R. Durfey (S) 3:27.00, 2nd-C. Funk (S) 3:53.87, 3rd-L. Drews (T) 3:59.23.

Boys 16&U: 1st-T. Ward (T) 3:20.46, 2nd-J. Kresse (S) 3:58.62, 3rd-D. Serna (T) 4:01.18, 4th-Z. Wagner (S) 5:00.46.

Girls 18&U: 1st-E. Kresse (S) 3:24.75, 2nd-A. Henry (S) 3:25.46.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Z. Clark (T) 3:22.58, 2nd-A. Sosa (T) 3:39.00, 3rd-D. Drews (T) 4:48.65, 4th-K. Hursh (S) 5:41.67.


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