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Was life really that bad with Bill as president?

I was going to write about all of the gruesome things I have read about pregnancy and why women would want to go through such a process. But instead I am opting to write about another such painful process, but with not quite as a rewarding outcome-the presidential election.

This coming November we will once again go to the polls to decide many races, most notably the presidency. It was such fun last time with the ever-thrilling, blow-by-blow moment of the heated contest between George Bush and Al Gore. That election taught us one important thing that will make us all better citizens-never leave Chad hanging. Who didn't enjoy MSNBC's blow-by-blow account of the Florida recount. I broke out the popcorn and the pop for that one. Honestly, the recount was stupid in concept, but weren't you just glued to your television set?

I personally liked having Bill Clinton in office. Come on, Bill may be an ignorant son of a gun, but wasn't it fun with him in office? We didn't have any of the major issues we have going on now when Bill was running things. Sure, he made a few mistakes, but having Bill in office was sort of like watching an MTV reality show, you never knew what was going to happen next. Bill was a good guy. People had jobs, money in their pocket and lived a decent life.

The problem with politics is there are too many politicians. Nothing ever gets done. Politicians can never live up to their baby-kissing promises because there are too many of them to reach a consensus.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat. But, I always vote for Doc Hastings, who is a Republican, because I feel he can get the job done. The problem with Doc is that he has to run every two years for re-election, which takes his focus off what can be done. I will admit I made a mistake voting for Democratic Gov. Gary Locke. Locke worked four years for the state and then decided to go on vacation the next four. I vote for whomever I feel can get the job done. The problem this November is I am not sure who can get the job done.

This presidential election we have Democratic front runner John Kerry, who my kids know an awful frightening lot about, and President Bush. I believe Ralph Nader is also thrown into the mix as an independent candidate.

Let's take a look at Kerry for a moment. He is sort of a Herman Munster looking individual who can't seem to find his way out of a wet sack. I really don't know that much about Kerry, except I would rather vote for Hilary Clinton than him. Why not give Hilary a chance? Could she really do any worse? Kerry really needs to find his own issues to stand on rather then just picking apart the president. All of us can join the fray to beat a man down. Kerry seems like he lives in a black and white world, sort of like the Munster TV episodes.

Bush is a little harder for me to judge. Bush had a good idea when he wanted to give people back the money they work hard for. Also, no one can hold the president accountable for what happened on Sept. 11. Who would have ever thought that would take place? The problem I have with Bush is that he just never really answers a question. And quite honestly, the country is not a better place since Bush took office.

I don't know who I am going to vote for this November. Heck, I might vote for Nader. I might vote for no one. Better yet, I might vote for Bill. Life was good, fun and interesting when Bill was the leader of the free world. Wouldn't you like those times back?

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