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I was catching up on the newspapers over the weekend and read "Open Mike" (6-2-04), titled "Was life really that bad with Bill as president?" I thought that perhaps this was a joke, so I read his personal column. Maybe that is all Mike wanted to happen, was to get readers and start controversy. Our upcoming presidential election is not a joke, and yes, living under Clinton was bad. Being leader of the free world is not just a "gig to play."

I did not enjoy the decision of 2000. Does anyone remember Gore had called and conceded the election? I do. For the sake of the system and country, he should have stood by his word, but instead the Democrats hoped for the usual victory in the courts.

This brings me to one of many reasons to take this election seriously. It is the issue of tyranny of the judiciary. Certain appointed (not elected) federal judges are sending down decisions unraveling the fabric of our country. All it takes is one judge to take "Under God" out of our pledge of allegiance, halt the passed and signed partial birth abortion ban and mandate same sex marriage. It does not make news, but the Democrats in the Senate have obstructed many of President Bush's nominees for federal judgeships.

Mike asks, "Why not give Hillary a chance?"

That, indeed, is scary. There are plenty of books on the market delineating how power hungry this woman is. In this terror-torn world, if ever she were elected, I would fear it would be our last free election.

Mr. Kantman's statement about not being better off under Bush is simply not true. Bush is standing tall against the terrorist. He has kept us safe! He is restoring respect for the office of Presidency. He actually knows the difference between good and evil, and calling us as a nation to stand for good.

Yes, I am sorry, that includes morality. A good leader stands up against terrorists, protects the unborn and the innocent, and reveres God. We had none of that under the not so good times under Bill.

In addition, I dare say we would not have good leadership under Kerry.

In reality, it is the Mike Kantmans of our country who will decide the election—the swing voter. The 20 percent of registered voters who are undecided and vote but who really aren't informed, do not care and think it is a joke or really doesn't matter. However, their vote will count, as evidenced in 2000.

/s/ Deon Herndon, Sunnyside


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