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No one told me country living would up the cleaning quotient

I will readily admit that every day I live out in the clean, cool country air I learn to appreciate it a little more. However, the one thing I wasn't prepared for when we made the big move outside of the city limits, was the amount of cleaning it would bring with it.

This past week I've been working to clean our house in preparation for house guests this weekend. This has been a nightly project, pulling out the steam cleaner and touching up the upholstery, getting our out-of-control grass mowed back into submission and trying to organize my craft room, which will also serve as the guest room. (What was I thinking?)

When I first agreed to let people stay with us this weekend, I had no idea just how much work would be involved. I didn't think it would take so much careful planning and thought. I now have to take certain things into consideration, like whether or not it is worth sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor until an hour before our guests are scheduled to arrive. I hope I'm not the only person living in the country who has a constantly dirty kitchen floor. The dirt almost seems to track itself inside. Keeping on top of that has turned into quite a chore.

The same goes for vacuuming our carpets. It is almost as those little pieces of leaves and small rocks breeze into the house every time we open the door. Once again, I don't think I'll vacuum until the last minute. Which means our carpets should be clean, until our guests open the door to come in and the wind picks up, bringing in a small dust devil of dirt, dust and leaves.

I blame those same dust devils for how quickly dust seems to accumulate in my new home. Dusting used to be a chore I would always volunteer to take care of. To tell you the truth it was something I used to think of as light-duty work. This is no longer true. Country folk have to deal with super human dust particles that grow when no one is watching.

The other thing I have had to take into account when planning my cleaning schedule for the week has been my new puppy. She still gets to come inside in the evenings, which means she gets a few hours a night to rub up against all of my cream colored furniture. Needless to say, I have become completely addicted to those sticky, lint rollers that can quickly pick her black lab hairs off of my furniture. I'm not sure if Maggie will get to come inside tonight, now that I think about it.

Looking at this list of things I have to do tonight, all to ensure that my house is clean for the first two minutes that our guests arrive, is crazy. But, just because I've admitted that it's a bit obsessive, doesn't mean I'm not going to be a busy little bee tonight. Every woman knows that having guests over means scrubbing the house from top to bottom, and as you can see from my laundry list of duties, I'll be very busy this evening.


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