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It's time to be a little daring

Carpe diem is a phrase that first came into my world during middle school. One of my teachers had it up on their wall and at the time I didn't think much of it. The only thing I knew is that I felt smart when I said it because, well number one I was in middle school and didn't know any better, and number two because it was a phrase that was in a foreign language so it had to be cool.

The reason I bring this up is because over the past few weeks this has turned into my new motto of sorts. You only live once, so why not take a few chances and be a little daring. You know, seize the day and all that jazz.

I was shopping the other day and instead of instantly vetoing any clothing item that didn't look similar to things that already line the inside of my closet, I opted to try things on that I would never typically even think about buying. And do you want to know the funny thing? Not only did I find a couple of things I never would have bought before, but it was also really fun.

I think this must have been the same motto I was unconsciously using when I chose the interior paint colors for our new home. If you walk into my house, every room is a different color, and I don't mean different shades of muted blues and grays. I am not lying when I say that my house has an orange room, a yellow room and a green room. I thought my husband was going to flip when I came home from the paint store. Instead, I was surprised to find that he loved each color as much as I did.

Sometimes it's fun to step out of your comfort zone for two seconds and talk to people you might not otherwise approach or paint something a bright color just because you feel like a change.

It's funny, but the reason I don't usually do anything too daring is because of the fear I think everyone shares on some level - "What are other people going to think?" The funny part is most of the time other people aren't thinking about you. And for many of them that interesting shirt you are wearing may be daring and different to you, but completely and totally normal to them.

So my one message is take a little time to do one thing that you wouldn't usually do. Step outside of your comfort zone and talk to that person you see in line at the grocery store every day, even though you have no idea who they are, or buy that necklace that you think is really pretty, but wouldn't go with anything you own. Remember, carpe diem!

. Elena Olmstead can be contacted at (509) 837-4500, or e-mail her at eolmstead@eaglenewspapers.com


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