SVID water

To add to Mr. Hansen's letter to the editor about the fleecing of irrigation water customers on Harrison Hill, the Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District (SVID) is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (ours) to make sure that every person that asks will get it. But I am told that whether you have a small or large parcel, you will get only one, yes one, 3/4-inch outlet to supply the water.

Mr. Hansen talks about people getting a pump, fittings, etc. to provide the pressure. But how much water can you draw through a 3/4-inch pipe?

Thanks a lot SVID.

/s/ George V. Johnson, Sunnyside

Home again

"Thanks." A small compact word that means so much.

To everyone who knows me, from the mayor of Sunnyside to the ones he seeks the best for as mayor, I owe a big thank you.

I am home again in Sunnyside due to everyone's prayers, concerns and well wishes. I'm not fully recovered but am definitely a miracle in progress.

So, thank you to all those who called, sent plants or cards, or prayed for my recovery. It worked! I'm home again and so glad to be amongst friends, and glad to be alive and fairly well.

/s/ Ellen Bird, Sunnyside

Policy needed

for high school graduating seniors

Regarding Bob Story's personal column (May 14): so, what's the big deal about some seniors wanting to recreate some Hollywood creation of how to celebrate the end of your high school days? Mr. Story, in his recent editorial, entitled "High school episode brings out the hangmen," suggests that kids will be kids and they should walk for graduation. Anyone who feels differently should think of themselves as a party of a lynch mob.

There is in my opinion a middle ground that escapes this editorial. My concern is that seniors who are close to the graduation date often feel untouchable regarding consequences. They are through with sports and activities to take away from them. The only real consequences are whether they can participate in the graduation event. I am not suggesting that the events related to the incident in question warrant that response. However, I am concerned about the message it sends to the other seniors about what is acceptable and what the school will do in response.

Every 15 minutes a young person dies by drinking and driving. All of our efforts around senior party and celebration of graduation have been guided by the philosophy of providing the incentive to not drink or use drugs. I hesitate to think of the consequences of these seniors had one or others became involved in a fatal car accident, either themselves or someone else. We must do everything possible, as a community, school or parents to encourage our seniors to enjoy without the danger of alcohol or drugs.

Perhaps, given current policies, nothing can be done beyond actions taken by the school. However, I feel the school might consider a specific policy regarding behavior within the last two months of school. Guidelines could be in place and reviewed with the seniors about the expectations the school places in order to walk on graduation night.

/s/ Larry Pangle, Sunnyside

Lowering the bar

The plague continues. I was again disappointed that the editorial section of this paper was given license to lower the bar in our community and help facilitate other irresponsible youth, as well as adults, with a subtle approval and a wink at the actions of nine seniors who disgraced their graduating class with the sanction of the local newspaper's enabling editorial (May 14).

Thanks to similar attitudes we have bulging rehabs for youths who get "liquored up and pot-eyed," and with the myriad of other charges they committed you just happened to overlook the two DUI's issued. So, Mr. Story, your "what if your son or daughter had been caught in this predicament?" (laughable use of words) lends for another question. Wouldn't it serve well to discipline by withdrawing those offenders from a graduation walk to save us all the "what if" walk as pallbearers?

Oh, and set the bar back where it should be before the standardless media dictates another value system to our youth?

/s/ Bruce Ricks, Sunnyside

Auction a success

Sunnyside Christian School would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who helped to make the 24th annual booster club auction a huge success.

First, to the many volunteers who put in countless hours, we thank you. Your hard work ensured that the auction ran smoothly.

Secondly, to the many local businesses that so generously donated items for the sale, we are grateful. Without your support, this auction would not be possible.

Finally, to all who attended our event, we thank you. We appreciate your support in purchasing items.

We truly do thank the community of Sunnyside and your support for Sunnyside Christian School.

/s/ Del Dykstra, Administrator, Sunnyside Christian School


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