Where's your thinking cap?

In response to Angela Meister's letter in the Sept. 24 edition of the Daily Sun News and those that think like her-I haven't seen this much disinformation and propaganda since former President Clinton tried to redefine the word "is". I'm not sure a response is possible using less than 300 words.

So, what did President Bush do after 9/11? Considering that almost your entire letter complained about the things President Bush has done speaks volumes as to the fact that he has indeed done things. Why you base progress on what other nations decide to say and do, especially France and Germany, is beyond me. I certainly do not want the United Nations deciding whether Americans have a right to defend themselves when needed.

How is marching, and lets not forget partying, in the streets of New York carrying signs that say "Bush is Hitler" going to root out these terrorist thugs from their hiding places, caves or otherwise, halfway around the world? Even if you could organize a crowd to protest the brutality of people the likes of Usama bin Laden, I'm almost certain that Usama and his band of merry men would still be free to travel, get together in their safe underground bunkers and plot ways to kill other human beings.

Jumping to Iraq-how does waiting around for months on end, not to mention 12 years when you go back as far as the cease fire agreement made in 1991, equate to "rushing into Iraq"? What is interesting though, after cracking down on Saddam Hussein in Iraq, is that Libya decided to voluntarily hand over all of their weapons of mass destruction. Weapons, by the way, that we did not even know they had.

On to Afghanistan, hundreds of Al Qaeda terrorists have been flushed out and flushed off the planet earth. Many of these were, and I emphasize "were," in the upper levels of leadership. If more up and coming terrorists, being "taught" to hate and kill at young ages by radical extremists, are stupid enough to head to Iraq then keep handing out those "one-way" tickets. It will be much easier for our military to dispose of them there vs. chasing them all over the world.

On to North Korea, we see that the Clinton administration was indeed keen on talking to the communist dictator, Kim Jong-il of North Korea-why I do not know. I do know that former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright finally admitted that Kim Jong-il was cheating and violating the arms control treaty, words on a piece of paper, that dealt with nuclear fuel rods in the North Korean dictator's possession. I'm shocked! Just how far has the state of world affairs sunk when you can't even trust communist dictators to honor the agreements they make?

Far too many of our military men and women have died facing this ugly task. You just aren't connecting the dots, however, if you believe that sitting around, while terrorists plan and organize, is a viable solution to dealing with the madness these terrorists possess. Even President Vladimir Putin of Russia learned that you can't sit idly by when his country witnessed the horror of over 30 terrorists overpowering some 1,000 innocent human beings on the first day of school in Beslan. Some of our wounded soldiers have even expressed a desire to go back to Iraq. Imagine that! There are simply no braver human beings on this earth than the men and women who serve in the military and my family sends our heartfelt thanks to them and their families for the sacrifices they have made in undertaking this task "voluntarily".

And where in the world did you come up with the idea that a secret draft is about to happen? That does, after all, require an act of Congress. We wouldn't be trying to scare people, now would we? Besides, if the terrorists hit the United States again you won't need to worry about a draft as there won't be a large enough building able to handle the onslaught of volunteers rushing to join. Sen. Kerry has boldly said that he would fight terrorism tougher than President Bush. How can this be? Following Ms. Meister's logic, Sen. Kerry must have visions of an even bigger super duper secret draft in the works. So parents of military age children, and every 18 to 26 year old voter, be afraid, be very, very, afraid of Sen. Kerry's super secret terrorism draft plans and vote accordingly.

Will John Kerry do better? Again, better at what? Ms. Meister didn't say and neither has he. Wait, I think I've got it. Sen. John Kerry would talk more and do more of nothing. I believe that's what we had when Bill Clinton was President.

As my junior high coach used to say when I messed up a play, "Son, you need to put your thinking cap on". When it comes to fighting terrorism there are apparently millions of Americans who need to put their thinking caps on.

/s/ Tim Lick, Sunnyside


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