Time to decide

This is the season of debates and decisions in the political world. We have watched with some concern and much frustration at the spin thrust at us by the major networks. We are wading our way through the hype to arrive at a choice that is the best one for our country.

This is my conclusion.

On the war on terrorism-this is the most serious issue facing not only the U.S., but the whole world. The terrorists are lawless killers, beheading the helpers and blowing up the innocent. They choose any time and any place on the globe. President Bush has my respect for the determined and sustained fight he has directed against them. Plus, he has engaged them on their own ground after 2001. I can't trust Senator Kerry to be tough enough.

On the war in Iraq-we were all there reading the intelligence reports and hearing of the weapons capabilities and brutality of the dictator Sadam Hussein. We all awaited the results of the diplomacy efforts in the U.N. We then watched the month-long invasion and cheered on our troops. Now in hindsight, some want to shame that whole process and our military. President Bush acted quickly and decisively to knock out potential danger with the information he had. I feel safer with him in the White House. I can't trust Senator Kerry to be decisive enough.

On domestic issues-I want a President who will help people help themselves, not establish a government program with attending bureaucracy to control our lives. I want a President who is not only passionate about education and about each child in our schools, but one who will act on that passion. I want a President who has 21st century ideas for our health care crisis, for prescription drug availability, for medical liability reform and for reforming Social Security. I want a President who acted quickly on tax reform to help our struggling economy, allowing families and small business owners to keep more of the money they earn. I want a President who cares enough about our forests to keep them from burning up. I want a President who cares enough about our land, water and air that he encourages stewardly use, not regulations and suits against us. I want a President that will select Supreme Court Justices that will only interpret our Constitution, not rewrite it. That President is George W. Bush.

On moral issues-there is a wrong path many in this country are taking. It has to do with the suggestive videos and lyrics of current music, with excusing violence and vulgarity in the media, with complete disregard for personal and property rights. Worse, I believe, is a culture of death with the inhumane acts of gang killings, euthanasia and murders even toward our unborn citizens. Our President believes in a culture of life. He is strong and open about his faith. He and his wife Laura have restored integrity and honor in the White House. I believe they have earned our vote by the hard work they have done for us and the examples they have set.

On Senator Kerry's record-we don't hear much about his lackluster 19 years in the Senate. The record shows he sponsored only five bills and four resolutions in that time and was absent more than half the time. Neither do we read much in the media about those years after the Vietnam War when his fellow servicemen felt betrayed by his words and actions. I really wonder why that hasn't been explored more fully.

So in this season of commentary, sometimes witty, sometimes scornful, sometimes dishonest, I felt compelled to add mine and try to do none of those. This is what has been on my heart as I have considered the words of others. It's time to decide, and I have made my decision.

/s/ Jerri Honeyford, Sunnyside


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