Not a Bush supporter

After 9/11 it was obvious to all Americans that fighting terrorism was a number one priority. So what did President Bushdo?

Did he build upon the upswell of support from other nations after the attack? No—in the rush into Iraq he alienated numerous long term allies of the U.S.

Did he commit more resources to Afghanistan to flush out the Al Quida leadership? No—he started a major disaster in Iraq

instead. How many terroristshave been created by this nightmare? How many of our brave American soldiers have been killed or severely wounded? How many more will be put in harm's way when the draft that the government is quietly trying to introduce passes?

Did Bush continue the talks with North Korea to contain their nuclear abilities? No—he stopped the talks initiated by the Clinton administration.

Didhe at least protect targets at home, such as power plants, chemical plants, bridges? No—he started thejob by initiating a Department of Homeland Security, then failed to fully fund it. Meanwhile, police resources are stretched thin and nearly two-third's of firehouses are understaffed.

Will John Kerry do better? Millions of Americans think he will. This election is the most important one in my lifetime. Please vote.

/s/ Angela Meister, Grandview

George Nethercutt deserves your vote

A few months ago, my nephew was injured during a night mission delivering fuel to an army base in Iraq. He has recovered, is back on mission, and was recently awarded a Purple Heart.

I became concerned about his (and his unit's) future safety when I learned that his unit lacked the appropriate number of Night Vision Goggles to safely perform their night-time missions. I was so concerned that I wrote to both Washington senators and two members of Congress to request their help.

Why am I telling you this? I want you to know that the only response I received (four e-mails and three phone calls) was from Dan Simmons at Congressman George Nethercutt's office. Congressman Nethercutt's office subsequently initiated a "Congressional inquiry" into the situation, and I have recently received confirmation from Iraq, that within days of this inquiry, the unit received 34 additional Night Vision Goggles for use in their convoys. This may be a coincidence, I'll never know. What I do know is the unit got what they needed to improve their safety.

While I don't live in Congressman Nethercutt's congressional district, and neither does my nephew, he took action. Virtually every other congressional office responds only to constituents that actually live in their "specific" congressional district. The congressman from my "actual" district, and both senators, never responded to my inquiry. That doesn't mean they didn't (or did) act on my request. It just means they never responded.

I have never before solicited support from friends and family for a political race. I am today. Congressman Nethercutt is running for senator this November. Please, consider my endorsement of him when you cast your vote. Please vote!

/s/ Ray Hallett, Hallett Cinemas, LLC, Sunnyside

TV ad absurd

Why doesn't Sen. Patty Murray spend money on issues that matter?

Murray's new TV ad accusing George Nethercutt of moving to Bellevue is absurd. Instead of talking about issues that really matter, Murray is taking the easy way out and painting Nethercutt as a liar and abandoner of his district, when he is anything but that.

There are serious issues that face our state—issues like tax reform, health care and medical liability reform. And Murray is hiding from her poor voting record, and instead promoting campaign rhetoric. She is shying away from debates and refuses to come clean on the issues.

I hope voters can see past the rhetoric Murray puts out there and are able to make a conscious decision about who they want to elect to represent us.

/s/ Brad Fisher, Kennewick


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