Prep students getting pathetic

The high school kids who read this—don't get offended just yet. I'm addressing this letter to the useless punks who like vandalizing other people's property.

I'm talking about losers who think they're "bad"—the ones who write insults about someone in the restroom stall, scratch somebody's car or do anything to something that's not theirs. Maybe it's just me, but I think that doing one, or all of these things, makes you a punk. Come on, the poor person doesn't even know who's doing it so they can defend themselves. I mean, think about it.

I'm saying all this because someone did this to me. And if the idiot who scratched my car is reading this (although I doubt it because I suppose you'd have no interest in your town's news and might not even be able to read for that matter), I'd like to say "thank you."

I'll tell you why. I received my car used, so it came with its share of scratches. I thought about having them buffed out but was told it would cost me more than a hundred dollars, so I decided to wait. Now, when someone added scratches to my car's collection, it gave me a reason to go to a dealership where a nice service guy told me he'd buff my car for only fifty dollars. You actually saved me money. Only a truly stupid person can pull off doing something good while intending it to be bad.

Next time you feel like doing something like that again, grow a brain and some guts. Why don't you show me who you are instead of hiding.

/s/ Jessica Zamorano, Sunnyside High School senior


a big success

We would like to thank everyone who donated baked goods, money and time to the bake sale fund-raiser for Katie Gonzalez. The response was phenomenal and the results were overwhelming.

More than $1,400 was raised from the bake sale and an additional $860 was donated into the account at Yakima Federal. The account at Yakima Federal will remain open for such purposes until after the first of the year.

It was heartwarming to see how people in a community like this cared and wanted to help. A bank check was sent to Katie and she was without words as she felt the love and concern from the community that raised her.

Again, thanks to all for your support to make this such a success.

/s/ Janet Smith & Michelle Naranjo, Sunnyside

Guardrail handprints

The sealer has been put on the Fifth Street guardrail handprints. This sealer will provide protection from the elements on something that has involved citizens from every corner of our community. It speaks of diversity, and what a beautiful sight to see all the different hands working together to make Sunnyside even more beautiful.

I want to thank Standard Paint's Dave and Rich for donating the sealer; Tom Byers, Mitch Ziegler, Phil, Tony and Chris for their help putting the sealer on; and I'm inviting all the citizens to take a closer look at the area on Fifth Street now and in the future, as well. We will be adding more spring bulbs and plants, as well.

I would encourage everyone to look around at our parks and see if your neighbors, clubs, organizations, churches, youth groups, etc. might adopt a park sign and make it a beautiful sight next year. Bulbs and extra plants from your own yards would add to Sunnyside's image to all of our citizens, as well as to our visitors.

I want to thank all the volunteers who have worked on the Fifth Street guardrail project and those who will join in each and every addition. The citizens of Sunnyside working together can make anything happen.

I want to give a special thank you to the Daily Sun News for always giving its best coverage for community projects. All of you are awesome in my opinion.

/s/ Carol Stone, Sunnyside

Ever wonder...

These are things I wonder about...

1) how many car accidents are caused by drivers talking on their cell phones?

2) why are gang members allowed when they do so many evil things?

3) why don't school buses have seatbelts?

4) why are there so many dropouts from high school today?

5) why are there so many bad drivers?

6) why doesn't everyone who rides a bicycle wear a helmet?

7) why are some little ones not supervised properly?

8) why isn't there a law when a drunken driver kills someone because of his stupidity he or she is taken to the morgue to view the person he killed, and then go to the funeral?

9) why aren't all unmarried mothers taken to the hospital before their time to view someone in labor?

I could ask a lot of questions about jails and prisons, but we all know they must be nice or no one would want to go back to that environment. Think about it!

/s/ Bernice Seward, Sunnyside


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