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Reaching a compromise can be exhausting

When my husband and I moved into the house we are currently living in I had a lot of colorful decisions I had to make. For example, what color was the living room going to be painted, what color would the craft room be and what color would we paint the kitchen.

Exactly one year ago, my husband and I found ourselves up to our elbows in all of my colorful paint choices. Don't fall over, but we have a sage green room, an orange room, a yellow room and a room my father-in-law refers to as being the color of the inside of a banana.

I bring this up because my husband and I just recently bought a house and are getting ready to move in. To me, this means getting out my idea book and figuring out what colors will grace the walls of our new place.

I figured when it came to choosing the colors I would get free reign. After all, when we painted the house we are currently living in I was sent to the paint store by myself to look over the paint chips and bring home whatever I thought would work. I didn't hear any complaints when the lids were lifted from those cans and the colors of our home were revealed to my husband for the first time.

I was in for a surprise if I thought the same thing would happen again.

As I started looking at different paint chips I felt a second set of eyes peering over my shoulder, and it wasn't the paint salesman. It was my husband.

He watched as I reached for a color I thought would work in the living room. He quickly picked up another color and suggested it for the same space. I just looked at him like he was crazy. But it happened again as I tried to pick out a color for the kitchen. I was a little confused, but I didn't say anything. I let him pick out his paint chips, while I continued to keep a firm grip on the paint chips I had in my hand.

By the time we got home I decided I would wait a day or two before I started taking a serious look at the different paint chips. I figured by this time he would have forgotten about the fiasco at the paint store.

I was wrong, again. As soon as I pulled out those paint chips he immediately stepped into action, offering his opinion. That's when I realized what had happened, he thought he had a say in what colors we were going to paint the house we were buying. When we were renting helping choose the colors apparently wasn't important enough for him to get involved. Now that we are taking ownership in a home, the stakes are apparently higher.

The paint chips haven't been the only time he has decided to make his opinions known. I've been hard at work trying to come up with a landscape plan, choosing new window treatments and deciding what color to paint the front door. My husband has let his opinion be known at each turn.

I will admit there has been a little grumbling on my part, but in the end we have compromised on everything. Who knew letting your husband help could be so exhausting?



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