Religious Reflections

Living our Christian calling

Pastor Larry Spaur

It happened during my first full-time pastorate. I went to the office and worked on my daily schedule at my desk. I heard a small metallic "clink," and swiveled in my chair to investigate. I noticed a small piece of metal no longer than three inches by a half-inch wide. I stood up out of the chair, swiveled it, moved the chair -- no apparent problem.

I returned to my chair and my work ignoring the little piece on the floor. I didn't even bother picking the metal off the floor. It wasn't until I went to lean back in my chair that I realized how important that little piece was. I leaned back in my chair and not so gracefully landed on the floor.

I learned a great lesson -- even little and seemingly insignificant things have their place and effect on the overall operation. It was a not so subtle reminder how the seemingly weaker are indispensable.

Now let's apply this lesson to the church. We all have a part to play. The Apostle Paul likens the church to a body -- each part has its place and function. We are all needed and each of us plays an important part.

And carrying out the body imagery even further, when one part of the body hurts the entire body hurts. What is true of the physical body is also true of the spiritual body. I have great sympathy for our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. As of this writing we are all waiting for the funeral of one of the greatest personalities of our century, Pope John Paul II.

Pay close attention to the liturgy message (the ritual as it follows the life of Jesus). Just as John Paul called out for the reading of the death of Christ near his death (the sixth hour liturgy), watch for the entering into the resurrection of Jesus Christ (the resurrection mass). Follow the liturgy as it faithfully presents the life and love of God found in Jesus Christ.

All Christians believe that death has been defeated in Jesus' resurrection. Yes, we mourn those who die, even popes, yet we know that those found in Jesus Christ shall be made alive.

All of us as Christians celebrate this divine gift given by a loving God.

Remember your baptism this week and be thankful. Celebrate this Easter joy!

Live out your Christian calling, whether as pope or as the least of these, in the resurrection joy that only the Living Christ can supply to the body of Christ.

- In Christ, Pastor Larry Spaur of the Sunnyside United Methodist Church.


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