Schiavo decision the correct one

This whole madness with the Terri Schiavo case should stop. She is now at rest and people are still talking about the morality of it.

She was sick and as the doctors said, in the vegetative state. She had no awareness of what was going on around her, nor was she conscious about the controversy that happened in the weeks leading up to her death.

I think her husband did the right thing by taking out her feeding tube and letting her pass on. She had signed papers saying she didn't want to be put on artificial life support, and most people claim the feeding tube wasn't life support, but how can it not be considered life support when the feeding tube was the thing that was keeping her alive?

I understand that her parents wanted to keep her alive because she's their only child and they couldn't imagine life without her, but those were selfish reasons for keeping her here.

This story hit close to home for me because my father passed away and was also pronounced brain dead. We as a family decided to let him go because no matter what we did we were never going to save him. It was a sacrifice we had to make and even though it killed us inside, we knew we were doing the right thing.

I completely respect Terri's husband for the courageous decision he made and I wish others would let it go and be supportive.

/s/ Doralee Garcia, Sunnyside

Hideous signs should be lifted

As a resident of Sunnyside, I find it highly offensive to see the signs saying the "City Manager is a Focker," "Fire the City Manager" and other derogatory statements posted on the property across from South Hill Park.

While I appreciate the freedom of speech as much as the next American does, and I understand that no crime is being committed, I feel we should use discretion when in the public eye. I feel that Mr. Tom Paul, the owner of the property, should take up his fight with our city leaders in a more appropriate arena, such as in a city council meeting. Since Mr. Paul has already addressed the city council, perhaps if he rethought his plan of approach, the city leaders would be more apt to listen to his requests.

The residents of Sunnyside have worked hard over the past few years to clean up Sunnyside's reputation, but when visitors see the garbage posted on Mr. Paul's property upon entering our city, I can only imagine what their impression is.

Mr. Paul, please have some pride in our community and remove those hideous signs.

/s/ Adrienne Gutierrez, Sunnyside

Support SHS

boys soccer team

It has come to my attention that our Sunnyside High School boys soccer team lacks support from our community. I have attended every soccer game for the past four years and every year that passes I see the same amount of people attend the soccer games.

Four years ago Grizzly soccer was non-existent, and today we are considered one of the best teams in the Valley. It takes much dedication and hard work to become good soccer players.

Their season does not start in the beginning of March. In fact, there is never a beginning or end to soccer season. I have seen the soccer team and future players practice in the hot sun and on windy and rainy days; they are even out there in the snow and on freezing days. Playing soccer has become a part of their lives and they strive every game and practice to become the best.

However, it is very sad to see the stands almost empty and hardly any students, teachers or family members go and support our team on game days. Whether it is a nice day or rainy and cold, I always see the same 25 to 30 people there. Is this the way we should our appreciation to the team that has brought pride and a name to Sunnyside soccer?

I would like to encourage everyone to support our boys soccer team by going and enjoying a great game.

/s/ a Jr. Garcia fan—Elizabeth Ramos, Sunnyside


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