Equestrians compete at Grandview fair


High point belt buckle winners in the annual horse show at the Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo included (L-R) Emily George in the juniors division, Melissa Welch in the intermittent division and Kimber Tucker in the senior division.

GRANDVIEW - The results from the horse show staged by the Sunny Valley Saddlers 4-H Club on the opening day of the Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo have been announced.

Senior Showmanship

1st-Kimber Tucker w/Lil Count Chocula, 2nd-Heidi Arreola w/Please Mr. Postman, 3rd-Saundra Maier w/Dusky, 4th-Benjamin Tucker w/O.B. Tripled, 5th-Leilani Wight w/Sadie Mae, 6th-Jessica Bitz-Richards w/Isle Be Untouchable, 7th-Steven Corbridge w/Zip to my Que, 8th-Rachell Durfey w/Frost Bit Zip.

Intermittent Showmanship

1st-Aissa Wise w/Falena, 2nd-Kaylena Murray w/Golden Mastercard, 3rd-Mellissa Welch w/Well Fooled, 4th-Sarah Castilleja w/South Star Symophony, 5th-Stephanie Glover w/Shamida Breeze, 6th-Kirsten Alter w/April Pool.

Junior Showmanship

1st-Tavi Wise w/Buzzy, 2nd-Stephanie George w/Miracle, 3rd-Jessica Woodard w/Pride of Express, 4th-Colton Wise w/Storm, 5th-Emily George w/Snookie, 6th-Sierra Riley w/Sunny, 7th-Lauren Mack w/High Rourhon Bay, 8th-Delaney Rader w/Diva.

Advanced Hunt Seat Equitation Seniors

1st-Steven Corbridge, 2nd-Jessica Bitz-Richards.

Advanced Hunt Seat Equitation Intermittents

1st-Melissa Welch.

Advanced Hunt Seat Equitation Juniors

1st-Tavi Wise, 2nd-Stephanie George, 3rd-Jessica Woodard.

Hunt Seat Equitation Seniors

1st-Kimber Tucker, 2nd-Heidi Arreola, 3rd-Saundra Maier, 4th-Kathryn Holden, 5th-Rachel Durfey, 6th-Leilani Wight, 7th-Hallie Stark.

Hunt Seat Equitation Intermittents

1st-Aissa Wise, 2nd-Kaylena Murray, 3rd-Stephanie Glover, 4th-Sarah Castilleja.

Hunt Seat Equitation Juniors

1st-Emily George, 2nd-Colton Wise, 3rd-Kelsy Hyronen, 4th-Lauren Mack, 5th-Karli Henderson.

Hunt Seat Pleasure Seniors

1st-Kimber Tucker, 2nd-Jessica Bitz-Richards, 3rd-Heidi Arreola, 4th-Saundra Maier, 5th-Rachel Durfey, 6th-Leilani Wight, 7th-Steven Corbridge, 8th-Kathryn Holden.

Hunt Seat Intermittents

1st-Melissa Welch, 2nd-Aissa Wise, 3rd-Kirsten Alter, 4th-Kaylena Murray, 5th-Stephanie Glover, 6th-Sarah Castilleja.

Hunt Seat Juniors

1st-Stephanie George, 2nd-Tavi Wise, 3rd-Jessica Woodard, 4th-Kelsy Hyronen, 5th-Colton Wise, 6th-Lauren Mack, 7th-Emily George, 8th-Karli Henderson.

Saddle Seat Equitation

1st (seniors)-Steven Corbridge, 1st-(intermittents) Melissa Welch, 1st-(juniors) Lauren Mack.

Versatility Class Seniors

1st-Jessica Bitz-Richards, 2nd-Heidi Arreola, 3rd-Kimber Tucker, 4th-Kathryn Holden.

Versatility Class Intermittents

1st-Melissa Welch, 2nd-Stephanie Glover.

Versatility Class Juniors

1st-Jessica Woodard, 2nd-Stephanie George, 3rd-Kelsy Hyronen, 4th-Emily George, 5th-Lauren Mack.

Walk Trot All Ages

1st-Kristen Wight, 2nd-Alyana Martinez.

Advanced Stock Seat Equitation Seniors

1st-Steven Corbridge, 2nd-Jessica Bitz-Richards.

Advanced Stock Seat Equitation Intermittents

1st-Melissa Welch.

Advanced Stock Seat Equitation Juniors

1st-Tavi Wise, 2nd-Stephanie George, 3rd-Jessica Woodard.

Stock Seat Equitation Seniors

1st-Rachel Durfey, 2nd-Kimber Tucker, 3rd-Benjamin Tucker, 4th-Saundra Maier, 5th-Tommy Contreras, 6th-Kathryn Holden, 7th-Leilani Wight, 8th-Hallie Stark.

Stock Seat Equitation Intermittents

1st-Aissa Wise, 2nd-Kaylena Murray, 3rd-Sarah Contreras, 4th-Kirsten Alter, 5th-Amanda Glover, 6th-Stephanie Glover, 7th-Sarah Castilleja.

Stock Seat Equitation Juniors

1st-Emily George, 2nd-Karli Henderson, 3rd-Delany Rader, 4th-Kelsy Hyronen, 5th-Lauren Mack, 6th-Daniel Timmons, 7th-Jesse Timmons, 8th-Sierra Riley.

Walk Trot All Ages

1st-Alyana Martinez, 2nd-Kristen Wight.

Western Pleasure Seniors

1st-Heidi Arreola, 2nd-Rachel Durfey, 3rd-Jessica Bitz-Richards, 4th-Kimber Tucker, 5th-Benjamin Tucker, 6th-Saundra Maire, 7th-Steven Corbridge, 8th-Kathryn Holden.

Western Pleasure Intermittents

1st-Melissa Welch, 2nd-Kaylena Murray, 3rd-Aissa Wise, 4th-Kirsten Alter, 5th-Amanda Glover, 6th-Sarah Contreras, 7th-Stephanie Glover.

Western Pleasure Juniors

1st-Jessica Woodard, 2nd-Tavi Wise, 3rd-Stephanie George, 4th-Karli Henderson, 5th-Emily George, 6th-Colton Wise, 7th-Kelsy Hyronen, 8th-Jesse Timmons.

Medals Classes Senior Division

Western Bronze-Jessica Bitz-Richards, Western Bronze-Kathryn Holden, English Bronze-Jessica Bitz-Richards.

Trail Course

1st-Jessica Woodard, 2nd-Heidi Arreola, 3rd-Tavi Wise, 4th-Benjamin Tucker, 5th-Kimber Tucker, 6th-Aissa Wise, 7th-Kathryn Holden, 8th-Leilani Wight.

High Point Belt Buckles

Seniors-Kimber Tucker w/Lil Count Chocula, Intermittents-Melissa Welch w/Well Fooled, Juniors-Emily George w/Snookie.

High Point Trail Belt Buckle

Jessica Woodard w/Pride of Express.

High Point Trophy Seniors

Kimber Tucker w/Lil Count Chocula.

High Point Trophy Intermittents

Melissa Welch w/Well Fooled.

High Point Trophy Juniors

Emily George w/Snookie.


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