No respect for others' property

When I returned from town last evening I found a number of Corona beer bottles scattered on the very dry field in front of my home. Some were 25 to 160 feet from the frontage road and at least 20 feet from the inside edge of my driveway. Possibly they were hand carried and thrown out in a semi-line, possibly they were thrown from a vehicle from my driveway.

This action suggests some persons know nothing about the combination of parched grass, glass, very hot sunshine-or maybe they do and hope to start a fire.

For years that field has been targeted with waste matter of all sorts: beer and whiskey bottles, dirty diapers, pop cans, used condoms, empty plastic snack packages, broken glass.

The suspected perpetrators are most likely old enough to drive. Many are married with young children. Apparently none have been taught courtesy or regard for the property of others. With parents like these, what can we expect from their children in another 10 years?

/s/ Alice Chopper, Sunnyside

Support your community

Having experienced the past year of our daughter Jacqueline being chosen for the Miss Sunnyside Royalty Court and then committing to 17 parades has been a huge eye opener.

Our first four months of the year were spent in a shed, building a float (with no prior float experience). Because each set of parents, along with their daughters, had the same goal in mind and being so dedicated to make Sunnyside shine everywhere we were seen, the float and royalty court have turned out to be a great success. We have been fortunate this year, not only to make the best of what we had, but the dads pitching in had experience and skills needed to keep the float on the road, showing at each parade scheduled.

A couple of highlights this year were traveling out of town to the Spokane Lilac Festival Parade and the Seattle SeaFair Parade. Competing alongside with some of the bigger towns, with noticeably more community and/or dollar support, it has been reassuring that we have such a great town to be proud of. Both Spokane and Seattle welcomed us with cheers throughout the mile-plus long parades. Even though we were considered a small community, our float stood out from the rest and got a lot of attention (and the trophies show for it).

Maybe this is where it starts - by introducing your community float - that will stir up interested visitors to our town? We had people screaming "SUNNYSIDE," clapping and showing such approval. Both parades were televised. The children on the sidelines were in awe over the "Lost in Neverland" float theme and waving at the royalty court dressed up in lime green dresses as "Tinkerbells."

I know in the past our town has been rudely nicknamed but it is improving...instead of hearing any referral to Smelly-side, we only heard cheers of Sunnyside. It was awesome and worth all the hard work. We have left great impressions behind at these parades.

This past week we were not as fortunate. During the Grandview parade we had a breakdown towards the end of the route. As we were getting the float hooked up to a truck so it could be pulled through the parade, we got hit by a van trying to go around us. You can probably guess how we spent our free weekend. Some day, hopefully, we will be able to laugh about it, but now we still have a few parades left.

Along with the parades the royalty court is on hand to help out wherever needed throughout the community, participating with numerous ribbon cuttings, social events and community activities. They have had a very busy year. The girls should be proud of their accomplishments.

Overall, as our year is just about coming to an end (with the 2005 pageant on Sept. 17), it has been an exciting and rewarding experience. Bill and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part of the float committee, representing "SUNNYSIDE" in such a positive way in other communities.

I hope everyone will find the time to support their community float and the royalty court in the future, as well as community activities. Sunnyside Sunshine Days are just around the corner (Sept. 16-18).

/s/ Lisa DeRuyter, Sunnyside


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