The Newcomer

Never thought a roommate was my style

I have a roommate. Now, that was a big step for me because I like my quiet time, my space, my own way.

Yes, I admit that this freedom-seeker likes to march to my own drummer and also likes to tell the drummer when to drum. So, opening my space to another was a huge step. But, after a couple of weeks, we are doing well together, even though I am the only bread-winner.

Since she doesn't work and isn't contributing to our pantry, I decide what we will eat and I prepare all the meals. So far she hasn't complained about this.

While I may eat at irregular times of the day and even have a bedtime snack, I refuse to allow the roommate to eat more than twice a day and then only at times I designate. This may sound harsh, but something had to be done since she tended to gorge herself and spew up at inconvenient times. I even made her take a trip to the doctor to check herself out to be sure there was no medical reason for these up-spurts. No, the doctor said, no medical reason except that her stomach was smaller than what she was trying to put into it.

So-two meals a day is all I allow her. She actually doesn't whine about this.

I also make her get up before I go to work in the morning and take a walk with me. It's good for her, even on these wet days when she'd rather stay in bed. During the icy spell, she was actually a help to me on our walks. While the black ice looked like good, safe sidewalk to me, she balked about treading on it, and saved us both a fall.

When my new roommate first joined my household, she tried taking over my leather recliner. I might not have minded so much, but she has long nails and I was afraid she'd poke a hole in it but, after we had a talk about it, she seems perfectly content to cuddle up on the couch. It isn't a new couch, but its upholstery is still in good shape, so I was hoping it would stand up under the daily use. I tossed a blanket over it to give it a little added protection. Once in awhile she kicks it off, but I just put it back and give her a look and I think she's getting my message now.

Yep, my roommate is learning who's boss at our house. And she seems to like knowing the buck stops with me and she doesn't have to worry about anything except pleasing me.

There are things I don't ask her to do.

I don't ask her to wash dishes. In fact, I just as soon she go nowhere near them. I don't ask her to vacuum, even though it's mostly her long, red hair that gets tangled around the vacuum's brushes. And I certainly don't ask her to drive, because she doesn't have a driver's license and I wouldn't want her driving my Jeep anyway. I think she's lucky I let her ride in it!

There are a few things for which the roommate is responsible.

It's understood that she can't mess up the house or monopolize my visitors, although she is allowed to say a polite hello to them and socialize with us if she doesn't make a pest of herself.

Actually, this roommate thing is really working out very well. I get to make all the rules, and she's been very agreeable.

In fact, she seems to live just to please me. There hasn't been a thing I've asked her to do that she hasn't made every attempt to get right. We've come to be best friends; in fact, we're inseparable.

Hey, I couldn't ask for a better roommate than my new little dog.


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