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New Year's: My least favorite holiday

The holidays have flown by this year. Thanksgiving and Christmas - both just memories now. That can mean there's just one holiday left: New Year's Day.

New Year's Eve has to be one of my least favorite days of the year.


Sure, it's an excuse to over-indulge and have a good time, but I just graduated from college six months ago, so I don't need an excuse.

But just because it's an excuse to do all those things and have fun doesn't mean I do.

I usually end up with a few friends, have one drink too many and stay up long enough to see the ball drop before sacking out so I can wake up in the morning with a headache just in time to watch a long day of college football bowl games.

Oh, and I'm usually dateless, but that's become so much of a trend that I don't try any more. Even if I had a girlfriend, I'd probably leave her at home, alone. (Just kidding. Please don't send angry letters.)

But this year New Year's Eve won't lead into a good New Year's Day because I can't even watch college football this year.

With Jan. 1, 2006 falling on a Sunday, the college kids have to make way for the big boys. That blasted NFL, with their billion-dollar TV deal, million-dollar athletes and regular season that just seems to keep getting longer and longer.

I'm not saying I won't watch pro football. I won't have much else to do, anyway.

I'm sure that's all I'll be doing come this Sunday. But it's not what I'll be wanting to do.

I'll be wanting to watch the Fiesta Bowl, the Gator Bowl, the Outback Bowl and the Cotton Bowl. And of course I'll be wanting to watch the "Granddaddy of Them All," the Rose Bowl.

Maybe the pros should make way for the college kids. After all, college football and New Year's Day go together like the Fourth of July and apple pie.

Maybe this year without the distraction of college football I could try something new for the new year.

I'm not one for resolutions. In fact, I can't remember a single resolution made in the past 20-plus years of my life. I'm 24, you do the math.

I've accomplished a lot in the past six months. I graduated from college, and got a real job (hey boss). I'm living on my own - no support from anyone but myself, well... almost. And I didn't make a single resolution to do any of those things.

So maybe it's time I do another thing on my own and make a New Year's resolution.

There's a lot of things I could resolve to do. I could stand to get in better shape. Sitting in front of a computer in the newsroom and eating fatty foods for lunch doesn't help the old physique.

Maybe I could give up one of my vices.



Something I shouldn't mention in print?


But I should make a resolution. I have to think of something to do to better myself.

Maybe I'll resolve to read more; or help my community. Volunteer work makes people feel good, at least that's what I hear.

But whatever it is I resolve to do, it'll give me the chance to do a truly adult thing - break it.


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