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We adopted Houdini

When I chose between what ended up being my dog and her sister, I didn't realize then I should of picked her sister. She was the quiet one. Instead, my dog ran straight up to me at eight-weeks old and instantly let me pet her. I should have known then...I didn't pick her, she picked me.

In the past year of life my dog has learned some amazing things. Things that have required the replacement of all of the garbage cans in the house, the addition of jingle bells to each of my doorknobs and the installation of a six-foot tall fence.

Last weekend my husband, with a little help from myself, as well as my brother and sister, put some sweat equity into our home as we worked to put up a wooden fence.

Let me say, the fence wasn't for our enjoyment, but instead a way to try to keep our dog at home.

It isn't like we didn't have a fenced yard before. It's just before our dog didn't realize she could easily get her two-foot long legs over the four-foot fence. But once she realized she could jump that fence like it was a hurdle, there was no holding her in.

She would jump the fence at the mere sight of another dog. She would jump the fence if she didn't feel you were paying her enough attention. It was as if suddenly our yard just wasn't big enough for her.

However, our dog is not the kind of dog that can be trusted. We can't just let her jump the fence, have her fun and expect her to come back on her own. She is the type of dog that if you let her she would be three counties over by sunset.

Needless to say, the fence we put in last weekend was something our dog forced us to do.

Now that she is fully contained, she has gained the skills of those zeloceraptors in Jurassic Park. It seems as though she is systematically testing the fence looking for weak points she can manipulate.

We already found her on the wrong side of the fence once, the result of her digging out from under one of the gates. That gate has now been lined with pavers.

I like to think she isn't purposefully trying to get away from us. I've seen the way she spends most of her day, lounging around in her spacious dog house, eating tasty treats and relaxing inside our house with me and my husband. I'm sure there are dogs who have it worse.

At this point, just a little less than a week after the erection of the fence, my husband and I are still doing perimeter walks around the fence to take care of any weak spots we see. I am happy to report that after a week we do still have a dog. She may be the Houdini of dogs, but so far we are still managing to stay one step ahead of her.


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