Beyond The Norm-Mel

Four months and counting. . .

The past few months have been interesting ones in the Dekker house. Life is taking a new direction and in a few short months life as Tommy and I know it will not be the same again, at least not for the next 18 or so years.

That's right, in June we will become parents.

We thought marriage was a new adventure, but this is a whole new trip.

I love being pregnant. It has been a great experience and being an "older" first-time mom there are mounds of advice coming from all directions, from friends and family who have gone through it before. I've had friends who've had hospital and homebirths, so there are a variety of birthing experiences to hear about.

Also part of the fun is two high school friends I have who are also experiencing pregnancy for the first time right now.

One of the friends is due in a week and a half, and since I first started going to the doctor we've been discussing how much weight we have gained, morning sickness, baby names, ultrasounds and have been sharing the knowledge we have gained from the piles of information now out there for expectant mothers.

It's changed a lot since the days when they gave you a pregnancy test and sent you on your way.

There is so much information out there on the pregnancy process and what women go through while pregnant. It's reassuring to know that not all women go through the same things. (I always thought what one woman experienced they all experienced.) I have not having morning sickness, for example.

As Tommy and I prepare for the big day, we are trying to keep ourselves informed on every aspect of giving birth. Granted, I know two things about it already-it will hurt and whatever I "learn" will go out the window when that pain begins.

My sister-in-law recently lent me a birthing video that outlines some of the breathing techniques, pain killer options and birthing options.

The video went on to show "discreet" footage of birth, both naturally and C-section. I don't know what their writers meant by discreet, but what I witnessed was not what I think of when I hear the word discreet. It was enough to make me wonder if there were enough pain killers in the world to help me handle giving birth.

It wasn't until after we watched the video that my husband read in a magazine that it probably isn't a good idea to watch live births while pregnant because it builds anxiety in the mother. Yep, that's what it did.

I figured the only way to counter the anxiety was to watch it again, so I've seen it twice now. Maybe in a month I'll watch it again. After all, I need to be prepared.


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