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Live entertainment as you drive

The other day I went to lunch with a group of my co-workers and during the lunch conversation someone brought up the subject of talking on your cellular phone while you're driving.

She didn't necessarily say whether it was something she was adamantly against, but she did have an interesting story to tell.

My friend from work said while driving through town she got to a stop light and watched while the girl in the car in front of her looked to be yelling into her cell phone. My friend said it was interesting to watch the emotion on the girl's face via the reflection in her rear view mirror. She said once the light turned green, the girl hung up the phone, but still looked a little perturbed. Finally, the girl decided, while she was driving along, that she was going to call up whoever she was talking to and continued yelling at them.

My co-worker said it was funny to watch the whole thing transpire through the rear view mirror.

I didn't say much while my friend was talking, because I admit that I am someone who regularly pulls out my cell phone while I'm in the car.

I have found over the years that the 20 minutes it takes me to drive home from work gives me a chance to touch base with my parents and keep up to date with friends. Which means, that I can have a nice uninterrupted night when I do finally get home.

It's great.

But I think the funnier thing about the story my friend told at lunch was the fact that she could see this girl's face the entire time she was yelling into her cell phone. She could see the emotion on the face of the other driver.

Often times I forget that my car does not include darkly tinted windows and that other people in the driving community can see me.

You can't tell me that you have never been singing along to your favorite song on the radio, just to realize that the whole world can see you as you sit at a red light at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and 16th Street just as school is letting out.

I know this is something I have done at several different points in my life. My usual reaction is to suddenly look around, realize people can see me, then automatically sit up straighter, turn down the radio and switch from full-on singing my heart out to tapping my toes.

I know that over the years I have probably also had some cell phone conversations that have caused me to make funny faces into the phone. When my friend told that story about the girl on her cell phone, the conversations I have had over the years passed before my eyes. "Was I making a funny face when my mother told me about the latest family news?" I don't think so, or at least I don't remember stretching my face into a knot.

Regardless, I guess the thing to remember is that cell phones, and even stereo systems, can bring a little entertainment to everyone as we share the roadways every day. But just remember, that the person in the car behind you might be watching.


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