Despite looming court battle, race is over

As you know by now, Washington state has a new governor, Christine Gregoire, or Chris as she liked to be known during the campaign.

Just so we don't have any confusion, I am neither a Republican or a Democrat. I vote for whoever can get the job done. So I guess that would make me, as Sunnyside City Councilman Don Vlieger has told me, a liberal of sorts.

I do have to say I feel Dino Rossi was the best candidate for governor. Rossi won the initial election and the following recount in the state's governor's race and only lost after the Democratic Party dished out $750,000 for a hand recount, which had to be paid back to the Democratic Party after Gregoire won. So basically, we the taxpayers of the Evergreen state have paid to have our new governor in office. This is money that could have gone back towards education or the communities or heck, even road repairs.

Now Rossi will go before a judge in Chelan County tomorrow (Thursday) to try and argue why there should be a new election.

Here is what Rossi will more than likely be hearing from the honorable John E. Bridges on Thursday. Remember, this is just me foreshadowing the events scheduled to unfold tomorrow.

"I am sorry, Mr. Rossi, but you don't stand a snowball's chance in Hades of changing my mind. The state of Washington has already spent an enormous amount of money on the inauguration of Christine Gregoire and to ensure she got into the governor's office. In the hopes of unifying the residents of Washington, yes both from the west and east sides of the state, I will let you talk for two hours to state your case, but in the end I am going to tell you no anyway."

Wait, it gets better. Read ahead about what else Judge Bridges will be telling Rossi.

"Mr. Rossi, you may have won the first two election counts but that doesn't mean anything. Have you ever heard the third time is a charm. Well, Mrs. Gregoire certainly backed that saying up. I don't care if the heavily democratic King County purposely waited to certify its election results. I don't care if there is a discrepancy in the number of registered voters in King County or the fact people died before the date absentee ballots were mailed out, but still managed to cast their ballots. Dead people should have a voice in our democracy too, Mr. Rossi. Heck, even felons probably cast their esteemed ballots in this election. Haven't you learned by now Mr. Rossi that King County can do what it wants when it wants and the rest of us have to live with it. Just ask the people in Eastern Washington you are so fond of.

"Mr. Rossi, I don't know what to tell you, except I reject your request. Try harder next time or keep working at it until you get your way. Even with all the discrepancies, nothing is going to change. Heck, you can't even get Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed on your side and who am I to argue with him."

But on a serious note, look what our new governor and I will say it, the Democratic Party, has taught us. Whine until you get your way. Even Al Gore and John Kerry knew when to give up.

Before I go any further, this is my answer for election reform. Count the ballots once and that is it, whoever wins, wins.

Gregoire should be ashamed of herself for accepting the role of governor in our state until all the uncertainties had been cleared up. And to our secretary of state, you greatly mishandled the election. You shouldn't have certified Gregoire as the new governor until the issues had been cleared. There would have been nothing wrong with keeping former Gov. Gary Locke for a few more weeks.

Obviously, though, all the power resides in the west side of the state. I bet you Gregoire can't even spell Eastern Washington. When she came to Yakima for the debate with Rossi she probably had to use one of those GPS systems to find the Capitol Theatre.

All in all, Gregoire will probably make a good governor. I heard her speak once and she provides a powerful presence on subjects to which she speaks. But if Gregoire wants any kind of legitimacy to her term as governor, she will work with Rossi to clear up any of the confusion with the election.

But who are we kidding? When is there ever a clear outcome in the world of politics?

I will leave you with this. Do we really want a governor who is afraid to address issues? Do we want a governor who doesn't acknowledge problems? Do we want a governor who whines until she gets what she wants?

Well, guess what, we do!


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