Religious Reflections

Are men hiding?

Women Rule Over Them. Isaiah 3:12

"Olympia - In Washington politics, women rule."

So began an article in (last) Wednesday's Yakima Herald-Republic centered on a color picture of our governor, Christine Gregoire, flanked by our two senators, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray. Well, break out the bottled water and crackers, for we now lead the states in hiding behind the skirts of mommy.

Is that so startling? It's only us men taking another cowardly step in retreat from danger. We post women on the firing line in combat, seat them on the judge's bench, and stand them up behind the pulpit. These are places of leadership and because leadership means being out in front, we place them first in line to catch the bullet, the tomato and to carry the burden of decision making. How courageous!

Is this the way God structured life? For marriage, the basic unit of society, God created man to be the head of the wife. Simply put that means if a brick comes down it hits the head first. God gave the duties of protection and leadership to the man in marriage, and by implication to other society structures. Isn't it a simple biological fact that God created men larger to protect, to cover the woman, to take the initiative?

Now I'm going to dance a minute with my favorite feminist, Deborah. (She appears in Judges 4 and 5.) Her countrymen were wimps, sniveling cowards, Until I, Deborah arose, a mother in Israel.

Did she grab a sword? No, she grabbed a knitting needle and stuck it where Barak, the army commander needed it. Even then she had to hold his little hand until he got to the battle.

You, then, who are men, grow up. You can wipe your own nose, wash your own ears, and change your own clothes. You should be looking for a wife, not a mother. Look to a real man, the Son of God, who led by taking all the fiery missiles of eternal wrath, and so became a husband to his Church, so that we might be husbands and leaders again.


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