Sharks topple Tarpons


Sunnyside Shark Lyndsee Anderson finishes her race in the girls 8&U breaststroke last night against Toppenish. The win over Toppenish last night gave the Sharks a perfect 6-0 mark heading into the second half of the season this Thursday night at home against Wapato.

TOPPENISH - Sunnyside's girls won 29 of 32 races last night to spearhead the Sharks' dominating victory over the Toppenish Tarpons.

Tuesday night's win leaves Sunnyside with an unblemished 6-0 record through the first half of Mid-Valley Summer Swim League action. The Sharks open up the second half of the regular season this coming Thursday at home against the visiting Wapato Whales, whom Sunnyside defeated by a 464-309 score back on June 16.

The final score of last night's swim meet at Toppenish wasn't readily available this morning. What was known, though, is that Sunnyside was leading the Tarpons by an insurmountable 408-227 count heading into the final event of the night-the 200-meter individual medley. Toppenish officials failed to post the results from the IM.

In torpedoing the Tarpons, Sunnyside's Broersma sisters combined for at least 11 wins, perhaps more depending on the final outcome of the 200-IM. Older sister Kaitlyn, a girls 14&U competitor, snagged three individual wins, plus swam on two winning relay squads. The middle sister, Marisa, was a two-time winner in the girls 12&U relay races. The youngest of the Broersma sisters, Brittany, also had two relay wins in the girls 10&U division and picked up two victories in the individual events, as well.

The Sharks also received a pair of outstanding performances from Toni Castillo and Katie Knee. Castillo swept the girls 12&U races, and Knee did likewise in the girls 16&U races.

Toppenish's boys dominated the 14&U, 16&U and 18&U divisions, winning every event. Anthony Galaviz, Tim Ward and James Roberts picked up the most victories for the Tarpons in those three age divisions.

Sunnyside's boys held their own in the 8&U, 10&U and 12&U divisions, though. The top performer for the Sharks in those three age groupings was Jacob Hollander, who claimed first place finishes in all the races he competed.

Sunnyside 408-Toppenish 227

200-meter medley relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Hollander, Newhouse, Broersma, Van Corbach) 3:44.53.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Toppenish (Davalos, Valdez, Tuning, Huylar) 4:28.59.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Rodriguez, Martin, Castillo, Broersma) 3:04.50.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Vargas, Luff, Hollander, Stiteler) 3:10.21.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Anderson, Dolan, Tyler, Broersma) 2:57.62.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Toppenish (Drews, Galaviz, Nunez, Blythe) 2:50.06.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Guillen, Razey, Van Corbach, Garza) 3:09.75.

Boys 16&U: 1st-Toppenish (Rodriguez, Ward, Roth, Valdez) 2:37.94.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Morris, Moore, Knee, Stiteler) 2:44.06.

50-meter butterfly

Girls 8&U: 1st-Anderson (S) 1:09.21, 2nd-Hernandez (S) 1:14.80, 3rd-Spidle (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-Perez (S) 1:33.90, 2nd-Rodriguez (S) 1:36.12, 3rd-Supnet (T).

Girls 10&U: 1st-Medelez (T) 48.90, 2nd-Broersma (S) 53.00, 3rd-Van Corbach (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-Huylar (T) 59.57, 2nd-Rodriguez (S) 1:00.68, 3rd-Davalos (T).

Girls 12&U: 1st-Castillo (S) 38.06, 2nd-Martin (S) 47.45, 3rd-Rodriguez (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-Hollander (S) 40.62, 2nd-Nunez (T) 48.28, 3rd-Vergara (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-Dolan (S) 39.59, 2nd-Galaviz (T) 40.53, 3rd-Tyler (S).

Boys 14&U: 1st-Galaviz (T) 34.31, 2nd-Blythe (T) 36.68, 3rd-Anderson (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-Knee (S) 37.53, 2nd-Moore (S) 40.34, 3rd-Van Corbach (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-Ward (T) 33.11, 2nd-Roth (T) 36.50, 3rd-Knee (S).

Boys 18&U: 1st-Roberts (T) 30.13.

50-meter breaststroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-Stutesman (S) 1:12.62, 2nd-Hazzard (S) 1:22.09, 3rd-Hernandez (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-Martin (S) 1:20.35, 2nd-Rodriguez (S) 1:25.31, 3rd-Murphy (S).

Girls 10&U: 1st-Broersma (S) 57.46, 2nd-Medelez (T) 59.43, 3rd-Newhouse (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-Rodriguez (S) 57.43, 2nd-Valdez (T) 1:04.21, 3rd-Davalos (T).

Girls 12&U: 1st-Castillo (S) 45.15, 2nd-Broersma (S) 47.91, 3rd-Martin (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-Hollander (S) 49.56, 2nd-Nunez (T) 49.87, 3rd-Vargas (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-Broersma (S) 46.12, 2nd-Galaviz (T) 47.25, 3rd-Dolan (S).

Boys 14&U: 1st-Galaviz (T) 40.37, 2nd-Blythe (T) 47.84, 3rd-Anderson (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-Knee (S) 42.37, 2nd-Moore (S) 45.18, 3rd-Guillen (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-Ward (T) 42.50, 2nd-Roth (T) 44.18, 3rd-Henry (S).

Girls 18&U: 1st-Valdez (T) 56.46.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Roberts (T) 47.12.

50-meter backstroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-Hernandez (S) 1:09.90, 2nd-Anderson (S) 1:12.09, 3rd-Sample (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-Koerner (T) 1:25.93, 2nd-Murphy (S) 1:30.34, 3rd-Martinez (S).

Girls 10&U: 1st-Broersma (S) 51.96, 2nd-Medelez (T) 56.58, 3rd-Hollander (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-Huylar (T) 56.31, 2nd-Rodriguez (S) 1:02.31, 3rd-Weddle (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-Castillo (S) 42.09, 2nd-Martin (S) 45.87, 3rd-Broersma (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-Hollander (S) 42.75, 2nd-Nunez (T) 42.96, 3rd-Vargas (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-Broersma (S) 41.25, 2nd-Galaviz (T) 41.65, 3rd-Tyler (S).

Boys 14&U: 1st-Galaviz (T) 36.56, 2nd-Drews (T) 43.59, 3rd-Blythe (T).

Girls 16&U: 1st-Knee (S) 39.90, 2nd-Morris (S) 43.50, 3rd-Moore (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-Ward (T) 39.28, 2nd-Roth (T) 40.84, 3rd-Rodriguez (S).

Boys 18&U: 1st-Roberts (T) 39.31.

50-meter freestyle

Girls 8&U: 1st-Anderson (S) 56.90, 2nd-Spidle (S) 57.81, 3rd-Hernandez (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-Martinez (S) 1:11.00, 2nd-Perez (S) 1:16.18, 3rd-Rodriguez (S).

Girls 10&U: 1st-Medelez (T) 40.53, 2nd-Broersma (S) 41.90, 3rd-Van Corbach (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-Rodriguez (S) 49.05, 2nd-Huylar (T) 49.40, 3rd-Garza (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-Castillo (S) 33.65, 2nd-Martin (S) 35.66, 3rd-Broersma (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-Hollander (S) 36.11, 2nd-Nunez (T) 37.56, 3rd-Vergara (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-Broersma (S) 34.10, 2nd-Dolan (S) 34.66, 3rd-Galaviz (T).

Boys 14&U: 1st-Galaviz (T) 31.15, 2nd-Blythe (T) 32.98, 3rd-Anderson (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-Knee (S) 32.51, 2nd-Moore (S) 36.06, 3rd-Morris (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-Ward (T) 30.03, 2nd-Roth (T) 31.03, 3rd-Wagner (S).

Boys 18&U: 1st-Roberts (T) 27.37.

200-meter freestyle relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Hollander, Van Corbach, Newhouse, Broersma) 3:25.12.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Garza, Rodriguez, Guillen, Weddle) 3:41.25.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Broersma, Martin, Rodriguez, Castillo) 2:40.75.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Stiteler, Hollander, Vergara, Luff) 2:42.93.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Anderson, Dolan, Tyler, Broersma) 2:31.75.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Toppenish (Blythe, Drews, Galaviz, Nunez) 2:25.65.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Morris, Moore, Stiteler, Knee) 2:32.25.

Boys 16&U: 1st-Toppenish (Ward, Valdez, Roth, Rodriguez) 2:14.06.

200-meter individual medley

Results unavailable.


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