Selah, Sunnyside dominate Toppenish AAU Swim Meet

TOPPENISH - With nine age division champions between them, the Selah and Sunnyside summer swim clubs dominated the competition at this past weekend's 11-team Toppenish AAU Swim Meet.

Selah's Dolphins ended up with the team title, garnering a meet best 1,321 points. Sunnyside's Sharks were a close second with 1,245 points. The next highest finishing teams, Wapato and Toppenish, tied for third with only 665 points apiece.

The Sharks were paced to the runner-up finish by age division champs Toni Castillo (11-year-old girls), Christian Vargas (11-year-old boys) and Katie Knee (15-year-old girls). Together, the trio earned 158 team points for Sunnyside.

Sunnyside, too, received stellar performances from Lyndsee Anderson (8-year-old girls), Tad Tyhuis (9-year-old boys), Tim Stiteler (11-year-old boys), Alissa Martin (12-year-old girls) and Jacob Hollander (12-year-old boys). The five swimmers, in earning the second most points in their respective age divisions, combined for 200 team points for the Sharks.

Although Sunnyside had plenty of talent to throw at the other 10 teams, the Sharks also brought quantity to the meet.

"We took 58 kids," said first year Sunnyside Coach Carolyn Hazzard. "And they all did awesome."

None more so, though, than her own daughter, Toni Marie Castillo. In winning the 11-year-old girls overall points title, Castillo broke four meet records for her age division. She competed in six events, winning all six.

Even more impressive was the way in which Castillo won her races. She absolutely throttled her competition, winning by unheard of margins. In the two shorter 50-meter events she swam (freestyle and butterfly), she glided to victory by 5.13 and 11.16 seconds, respectively, over the two runners-up. In the 100 freestyle, she was 14.08 seconds faster than the second place finisher, increasing her margin of victory to 39.02 seconds in the 100 butterfly. Her biggest margin of victory came in the 200-meter individual medley, as she finished 39.68 seconds ahead of the runner-up.

The closest race Castillo was involved came in the 50-meter breaststroke event. In the end, though, she clipped Selah's Shannon Gaskill by four-tenth's of a second, clocking a winning time of 43.86 seconds.

Sunnyside's Top 8 finishers

50-meter freestyle

Lyndsee Anderson-2nd, Alex Perez-6th, Fox Rodriguez-7th, Tad Tyhuis-1st, Austin Garza-4th, Toni Castillo-1st, Tim Stiteler-1st, Darick Anderson-4th, Tony Garza-8th, Alissa Martin-2nd, Jackie Rodriguez-7th, Brad Luff-3rd, Omar Vergara-4th, Stetson McMinimee-5th, Erica Anderson-3rd, Megan Tyler-4th, Jakob Anderson-5th, Rachelle Durfey-3rd, Bailey Morris-7th, Zile Wagner-6th, Sam Bardell-7th, David Knee-5th

50-meter backstroke

Lyndsee Anderson-7th, Christopher Martin-3rd, Alex Perez-4th, Sydnee Hernandez-3rd, Tad Tyhuis-1st, Cameron Schlenker-8th, Alexandra Newhouse-8th, Christian Vargas-1st, Darick Anderson-5th, Jordain Saenz-5th, Edgar Vargas-2nd, Omar Vergara-4th, Megan Tyler-3rd, Beth Stiteler-4th, Heather Van Corbach-5th, Stephanie Garza-7th, Julie Wedam-8th, Bailey Morris-4th, Lacy Garza-6th

100-meter breaststroke

Lyndsee Anderson-1st, Allison Stutesman-5th, Tara Van Corbach-5th, Christian Vargas-1st, Tim Stiteler-2nd, Tony Garza-7th, Darick Anderson-8th, Alissa Martin-1st, Analisa Van Oostrum-4th, Jacob Hollander-3rd, Brad Luff-4th, Brent Tyhuis-8th, Megan Schlenker-3rd, Stetson McMinimee-1st, Megan Tyler-2nd, Janelle Mendoza-5th, Rachelle Durfey-2nd, Heather Van Corbach-6th, Megan Razey-7th, Bailey Morris-4th, Jacob Kresse-7th, David Knee-4th

100-meter butterfly

Tara Van Corbach-6th, Austin Garza-2nd, Toni Castillo-1st, Christian Vargas-1st, Grant Stutesman-2nd, Jordain Saenz-5th, Jacob Hollander-2nd, Omar Vergara-3rd, Edgar Vargas-4th, Megan Schlenker-4th, Cheyenne Garza-6th, Erica Anderson-2nd, Jakob Anderson-3rd, Katie Knee-1st, Beth Stiteler-3rd, Stephanie Garza-4th, Jacob Kresse-7th

200-meter individual medley

Tara Van Corbach-3rd, Alexandra Newhouse-5th, Toni Castillo-1st, Alissa Martin-3rd, Tim Stiteler-1st, Tony Garza-4th, Jacob Hollander-1st, Brad Luff-3rd, Edgar Vargas-7th, Jakob Anderson-2nd, Katie Knee-1st, Rachelle Durfey-4th, David Knee-4th

50-meter breaststroke

Lyndsee Anderson-1st, Allison Stutesman-3rd, Sydnee Hernandez-2nd, Alexandra Newhouse-3rd, Toni Castillo-1st, Tim Stiteler-1st, Christian Vargas-4th, Grant Stutesman-5th, Darick Anderson-8th, Alissa Martin-1st, Analisa Van Oostrum-3rd, Jackie Rodriguez-8th, Brad Luff-3rd, Brent Tyhuis-6th, Megan Schlenker-3rd, Danielle Newhouse-7th, Megan Tyler-2nd, Janelle Mendoza-7th, Rachelle Durfey-3rde, Heather Van Corbach-7th, Megan Razey-8th, David Knee-4th

50-meter butterfly

Lyndsee Anderson-2nd, Allison Stutesman-4th, Heidi Vergara-8th, Sydnee Hernandez-2nd, Tad Tyhuis-1st, Cameron Schlenker-5th, Tara Van Corbach-2nd, Dani Jo Kranz-8th, Austin Garza-4th, Toni Castillo-1st, Christian Vargas-1st, Tim Stiteler-2nd, Grant Stutesman-4th, Tony Garza-5th, Kristen Wedam-7th, Brad Luff-1st, Omar Vergara-4th, Edgar Vargas-7th, Stetson McMinimee-4th, Megan Tyler-3rd, Janelle Mendoza-5th, Jakob Anderson-4th, Katie Knee-1st, Rachelle Durfey-2nd, Heather Van Corbach-7th

100-meter freestyle

Lyndsee Anderson-5th, Alex Perez-3rd, Christopher Martin-4th, Sydnee Hernandez-2nd, Cameron Schlenker-6th, Tara Van Corbach-2nd, Austin Garza-5th, Toni Castillo-1st, Tony Garza-3rd, Darick Anderson-4th, Grant Stutesman-5th, Alissa Martin-2nd, Analisa Van Oostrum-7th, Jacob Hollander-1st, Omar Vergara-5th, Edgar Vargas-6th, Brad Luff-7th, Stetson McMinimee-6th, Megan Tyler-4th, Jakob Anderson-7th, Katie Knee-1st, Rachelle Durfey-2nd, Lacy Garza-5th, David Knee-6th

100-meter backstroke

Alexandera Newhouse-6th, Christopher Martin-2nd, Tad Tyhuis-1st, Austin Garza-2nd, Christian Vargas-1st, Tony Garza-3rd, Darick Anderson-4th, Alissa Martin-2nd, Jordain Saenz-3rd, Lesli Schilperoort-6th, Jacob Hollander-1st, Edgar Vargas-4th, Cheyenne Garza-7th, Jakob Anderson-5th, Katie Knee-1st, Stephanie Garza-7th, Julie Wedam-8th, David Knee-3rd


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