Refreshing odors

I just today wrote this note to Mr. Stockwell, Sunnyside city manager, and ask that you would include it in the Daily Sun News:

"What a refreshing summer! For five days in a row, as I have walked out to get the newspaper, I have been able to breathe deeply. How wonderful to smell mint instead of manure!

"Although I may not agree with all your decisions, I applaud your follow-through on this vital environmental change!"

/s/ Karen Helsel, Sunnyside

‘Right to leave’

In the Daily Sun News article of July 12, "Aguilar challenges appointment of Werkhoven to adjustment board," what does Ms. Aguilar mean, "We are going to be hurting on diversity" when she objected to the appointment of Chad Werkhoven to the board of adjustment?

Someone from Dutch descent was appointed to this board. Is that not diversity? Or does she think her people are the only ones who need to be appointed?

Following is an article I just read, called "Immigrants, not Americans, must adapt." It states that we have gone so far the other way, bending over backwards to not offend anyone, that we are now being offended.

It continues on to say we are tired of this nation worrying whether we are offending some individuals or their culture. We are not against immigrants, nor do we hold a grudge against anyone who is seeking a better life by coming to America. Our population is almost entirely made up of descendants of immigrants. This idea of America being a multi-cultural community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity.

As Americans we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle. This culture has been developed over centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have fought for freedom. We speak ENGLISH, not Spanish, Portugese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language.

"In God We Trust" is our motto. This is not some Christian, right wing, political slogan. We adopted this motto because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then you should consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.

We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change. This is OUR COUNTRY, our land and our lifestyle. Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to express his opinion and we will allow you every opportunity to do so. But once you are done complaining, whining and griping about our flag, our national motto, our way of life, I highly encourage you to take advantage of another American freedom—THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.

/s/ H.J. Timmermans, Sunnyside

SHS senior party well supported

On behalf of the Sunnyside High School class of 2005, I would like to thank all of the Sunnyside business community who helped with their generous donations, the staff at Sunnyside High School who made graduation and the senior party an unforgettable night. A heartfelt thanks to all the junior class parents who helped with the food and preparation of the senior party. A very special thank you to our senior class parents. We really appreciated all the hard work and fund-raising that they did to make it such a great, great senior party.

From the class of 2005, thanks for the memories!

/s/ Pedro F. Marquez II, SHS senior class president


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