Dolphins avenge earlier loss to Sharks

SELAH - Winning on the road in the Mid-Valley Summer Swim League, especially against the likes of the Selah Dolphins, can be a formidable task.

Just ask the Sunnyside Sharks.

Wednesday evening, Sunnyside was unable to pull off the improbable and fell to the Dolphins by a 483-313 score. The victory by Selah, coming in the last regular meet of the season, avenged a season opening loss to the Sharks.

For Sunnyside (10-2), it was only the club's second loss of the season. But it kept the Sharks from claiming the regular season championship.

Sunnyside will have the opportunity to knock Selah off the top perch this coming weekend, though. That's when the league championship meet will be held, this year to be hosted by the Wapato Whales.

In last night's Sunnyside-Selah match-up, hard core swim fans eagerly awaited six pivotal showdowns-all featuring some of the league's best swimmers. Not surprisingly, the six age division battles ended up fairly evenly split.

The first of the showdowns came at girls 10&U, and it was Sunnyside's Brittany Broersma who rose to the occasion. Facing highly regarded Dalainee Viernes, Broersma won two of the five individual races and placed second in two other events. Viernes had to settle for three runner-up finishes and one third place showing, thanks in part, too, to the efforts of Sunnyside's Tara Van Corbach, the winner of the 160-yard individual medley for that age grouping.

Sunnyside's Toni Castillo, at girls 12&U, had made mincemeat of the competition all season long, but heading into last night's meet she was to face three of Selah's top competitors-Shannon Gaskill, Rainan Viernes and Nicole Bannister. Castillo held her own, winning the 40-yard butterfly and 160-yard individual medley races. But with Selah's standout trio of 12&U swimmers each winning one race, Castillo had to settle for three second place showings last night.

The third highly anticipated showdown, at girls 14&U, swung Selah's way. Sara Lichota defended her home pool well, winning four of the five individual races. Sunnyside's Kaitlyn Broersma, consistently one of the Sharks' top point earners this season, settled with three second place finishes. Broersma, though, did defeat Lichota by about six-tenths of a second in the 40-yard backstroke to keep the Dolphin from making a clean sweep of it.

The battle at girls 16&U between Sunnyside's Katie Knee and Allison Filcher of Selah definitely went the Shark's way. Knee won four of the five individual races, and teammate Rachelle Durfey made it a clean for Sunnyside when she won the 40-yard breaststroke. Filcher absorbed three runner-up placings and was a distant fourth in the 40-yard freestyle.

At boys 10&U, Sunnyside's Giovanni Rodriguez and Tad Tyhuis had been tag-teaming the competition all season long. Last night, Selah's Kody Ergeson gained the upper hand, winning three of the five individual races in that age grouping. Tyhuis and Rodriguez each came away with one victory, and combined for two runner-up showings and three third place finishes.

The last of the pivotal battles came at boys 12&U, and Sunnyside's Jacob Hollander and Braff Luff responded exquisitely. Hollander notched wins in all five individual races, and Luff complemented his victories with three sescond place finishes and a third and fourth place showing. Selah's Tanner Zier led the Selah charge in that age division, settling for a second place finish and two third's.

Selah swung the meet in its favor in the older boys races. At boys 14&U, Sunnyside was outscored by a 75-0 margin. Selah's Zachery Schab won all five of the boys 16&U races, and teammates Kyle Smeback and Travis Mabee swam unopposed to pick up all the team points at boys 18&U.

Selah 483-Sunnyside 313



Lyndsee Anderson-1 first, 2 seconds and 1 third.

Natalie Hernandez-1 third and 1 fourth.

Katelyn Hazzard-1 third.

Summer Hazzard-1 third.

Sarah Hollander-1 relay win and 1 fourth.

Allyson Weddle-1 fourth.

Allison Stutesman-1 fourth.


Kylie Ergeson-3 firsts and 1 second.

Shelby Morris-1 second.



Alex Perez-1 third and 1 fourth.

Joel Martin-1 third.

Timmy Martinez-1 fourth.


Ryker Zier-3 firsts and 1 second.

Max Jones-1 first and 3 seconds.

Nolan Frampton-1 third and 2 fourths.

Ben Pope-1 third.



Brittany Broersma-2 firsts, 2 relay wins, 2 seconds and 1 fourth.

Tara Van Corbach-1 first, 2 relay wins and 3 thirds.

Sydney Hernandez-2 relay wins, 1 third and 1 fourth.

Hannah Hollander-1 relay win and 1 fourth.

Alex Newhouse-2 fourths.


Aricka Smith-1 first.

Maddie Eakin-1 first.

Dalainee Viernes-3 seconds and 1 third.



Tad Tyhuis-1 first, 1 second and 2 thirds.

Giovanni Rodriguez-1 first, 1 second, 1 third and 1 fourth.


Kody Ergeson-3 firsts, 2 relay wins and 2 seconds.

Wyatt Thomas-2 relay wins, 1 second, 1 third and 2 fourths.

Daniel Whittlesey-2 relay wins, 1 third and 1 fourth.

David Whittlesey-2 relay wins and 1 fourth.



Toni Castillo-2 firsts and 3 seconds.

Alissa Martin-4 fourths.

Marisa Broersma-1 third and 1 fourth.


Nicole Bannister-1 first, 2 relay wins, 2 seconds and 1 third.

Rainan Viernes-1 first, 2 relay wins and 3 thirds.

Shannon Gaskill-1 first and 2 relay wins.



Jacob Hollander-5 firsts and 2 relay wins.

Brad Luff-2 relay wins, 3 seconds, 1 third and 1 fourth.

Omar Vergara-2 relay wins and 1 third.

Edgar Vargas-2 relay wins.

Cristian Vargas-1 fourth.


Tanner Zier-1 second and 2 thirds.

Kyle Raschko-1 third and 2 fourths.

Vinny Robbins-1 second.

Matt Pinyerd-1 fourth.



Kaitlyn Broersma-1 first and 3 seconds.

Molly Dolan-1 second.

Megan Tyler-1 third and 3 fourths.


Sara Lichota-4 firsts, 2 relay wins and 1 second.

Megan Jones-2 relay wins, 3 thirds and 1 fourth.

Shelby Bodine-2 relay wins and 1 third.

Brooke Piper-1 relay win.

Samantha Schab-1 fourth.



No placers.


Jacob Richardson-3 firsts, 2 relay wins, 1 third and 1 fourth.

Ryan Pittman-1 first, 2 relay wins, 3 seconds and 1 third.

Michael Whittlesey-1 first, 1 second, 1 third and 2 fourths.

Aaron Bannister-2 relay wins, 1 second and 1 third.

Joshua Gaskill-1 relay win, 1 third and 2 fourths.

Adam Estella-1 relay win.



Katie Knee-4 firsts, 1 relay win and 1 second.

Rachelle Durfey-1 first, 1 relay win, 1 second, 1 third and 1 fourth.

Crystal Moore-1 relay win, 2 thirds and 1 fourth.

Beth Stiteler-1 relay win and 1 fourth.


Allison Filcher-1 relay win, 3 seconds and 1 fourth.

Shaina Whittlesey-1 relay win and 1 third.

Jessie Baxley-1 third.

Pam Simon-1 fourth.



Zile Wagner-3 seconds, 1 third and 1 fourth.

Alexander Henry-1 second, 2 thirds and 1 fourth.

David Knee-1 third and 2 fourths.

Jacob Kresse-1 fourth.


Zackery Schab-5 firsts and 2 relay wins.

Jordan Johnson-1 relay win, 1 second and 1 third.

Patrick Gonseth-1 relay win.



Lacy Garza-1 second and 2 thirds.


Katie Paulson-4 firsts and 1 relay win.

Megan Gordy-1 first, 1 relay win and 4 seconds.

Alex Olmstead-2 thirds and 2 fourths.



No placers.


Kyle Smeback-4 firsts and 2 relay wins.

Travis Mabee-2 relay wins and 2 seconds.


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