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29 shopping days left

In 29 days my husband will turn the magical 30. Both of us are reaching that milestone this year, he just hits it a bit earlier than I do.

As he reaches that milestone I have some real thinking to do regarding what I will get him for his birthday.

It's my turn to be creative when it comes to gift giving. My husband is a very creative and thoughtful gift giver. Ideas begin to build in his mind well before an actual event.

The first year we were dating I received presents for the 12 days of Christmas. Not everything was a huge gift or what he considered all that creative, but to me each was a very sweet and creative gift.

I, on the other hand, usually end up frantically trying to figure out a present a couple days before an event, only to find old standbys or things I know he will like. (I know because he drops not so subtle hints.)

Usually with very little time to spare, it becomes difficult to be creative in gift giving. Also difficult is working around the hints he drops. At that point I'd like to get him something, but it's difficult to surprise him because he's already picked everything out.

So, as I find the perfect gift, there are a few things I have to take into consideration.

He's a fan of DVDs, they are always the old standby, but this is his 30th birthday and I want to find him something a little more special.

There is a watch he would really like, but as he pointed out to me once a couple years ago just before I purchased a watch for his Christmas present, he has one and doesn't wear it. I'm still debating on that one.

He always likes tools, but that's not very creative or special. I know he needs a gas can. (I know this because I was stranded in his car and had to fill the tank with our gas can, which ended up having a leak in it.) I should probably not tease him and tell him I'm getting him a gas can for his birthday and just buy one of those to replace our old one.

I could also go looking for clothes, but that's the last thing I want to go shopping for.

I told him he was getting a baby for his birthday, which he's excited about, but I think he'd like a little more.

So, in the next 29 days I've got some thinking to do. There has to be the perfect gift out there somewhere and I am determined to find it. I just hope I find it soon and that it is as creative as some of his gifts.


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