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Do unto others...

by Frances Potts

Over the years I-along with all of you-have heard horror stories about countries that lock up prisoners and throw away the key without ever giving them a trial.

We heard it about Russia. We heard it about Cuba.

Justice did not prevail in those countries, we were told.

Now we are told the U.S.A. is justified in detaining suspects at Guatanamo Bay without benefit of trial.

Hog wash!

I won't go into the accusations that these detainees (prisoners) are being mistreated. It is enough that they have been locked up without a trial.

What happened to "do unto others as we would have done to us"? If we condone this injustice now, let's not be surprised when it happens to us.

I say to our legislators: Scream and scream loudly until our government is forced to let the detainees (prisoners) go free or give them a trial.

If we don't, we are no better than the countries we have condemned for equivalent injustices.

. Frances Potts is a retired journalist who spent her career working at several newspapers in Washington state.


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