Congrats to Paul

First of all, congratulations to Tom Paul for overcoming the obstacles put down by the city staff and council on how to use "his" property.

In the 24 years I have lived here in Sunnyside, his property on Midvale/First Avenue has never been anything else but a "garden" and has had the billboard there all that time. The billboard was always set back from the road and never interfered with anyone traveling down that street. But, leave it to the "city" to complain about it!

If the "city" had followed the recommendation of the Planning Commission in the first place, Mr. Paul would never had to spend all the money he did, and the "city" would not have had to endure the embarrassment of Mr. Paul's signs. But again, some officials think they have to get involved in everything, instead of listening to, and heeding, others' advice.

Now, on to another topic. On the personal column by Michael Kantman in last Wednesday's Daily Sun News. Wow, Mike, you hit the "nail" on the head. My feelings exactly!

Why is it, that when the local businesses apply for renewal of their liquor licenses, only one member of the city council always votes against? If these businesses are "jumping through all the hoops" and following all procedures, isn't it the job of the city council to approve all without bringing in their religious or personal views on such items? Seems to me that this should be the case, and I'm sure that council members swore to do just that when they took their "oath of office." Right? Well, most of them did anyway!

In conclusion, the citizens of Sunnyside are much better off with the resignation of the last council person, whom I believe did not have "all" the city's best interests in mind, only their own agendas. Maybe, at the next election, we can remove another.

Congrats to the newest member of the council. Stand up for what you see as the "right" way to try to lead this fine city and not by how some members think you should.

/s/ D.R. Hansen, Sunnyside

Kill gas tax,

kill death tax

The June 6 Yakima Herald editorial asks, "Kill the gas tax?" I say, yes!

The sensible alternative they asked for? Toll bridges. Toll roads. Let the users pay for them.

The Evergreen Bridge across Lake Washington was a toll bridge. The Vernita Bridge acreoss the Columbia River in Eastern Washington was a toll bridge. The tolls paid for it long before the anticipated pay-off date.

The Maple Street Bridge in Spokane was paid for with 10¢ tolls. Drivers threw a dime in the basket as they passed and were on their way. No traffic hold-up.

The new bridge across the bay in Florida is a toll bridge. Consistent users can buy a pass card they flash at a sensor and barely have to slow down a little for verification. Sleek, organized, speedy travel.

Toll roads or express ways—Oklahoma has one. At the time we traveled it we had a motor home and tow car. They charged us for our 10 wheels on the road. We used it, we helped pay for it. Florida has an express way heading south to Disney World. We got a travel ticket when we got on it and submitted it and paid for mileage traveled when we exited. Works great. People pay for what they use.

They want to rebuild the Alaska Way Viaduct. Put a toll on it. Use it, help pay for it.

I'm talking "reasonable" tolls, just in case a politician should read this.

With the use of modern technology there should not be a need to hire more than a very few personnel. With an auditor monitoring funds there should be no problem with theft of toll funds as occasionally happened in the past.

Once the politicians successfully pass a tax bill (like the recent gas tax), they can and will find every conceivable reason or excuse to continue to collect it, even when the original reason for the tax is fulfilled. How many short-term of temporary taxes have you ever heard of?

And while we're at, kill the death tax. The people of this state already voted against the death tax. But apparently Gregoire and her ilk don't care what the people think or want.

And while we're killing thing, kill theire big, fat raises they haven't earned!

Wake up! Call, write or e-mail your representatives.

Kill the gas tax? Absolutely! Kill the death tax? Absolutely.

/s/ Betty Siebenberg, Sunnyside


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