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Funny little peopl

I love hearing stories of the funny things kids say and do. They really are funny, little people. I think it's especially funny when they aren't really sure of what they are saying.

One of my co-worker's children, unable to think of the proper word, referred to her big toe as a "foot-thumb."

I thought it was a creative way of expressing herself.

Other parents teach their kids little sayings to respond when asked questions.

Some friends of mine who live in Oregon have taught their daughter little sayings that add humor to a three-year-old.

A lover of books, the youngster enjoys going to the library, but her mother doesn't take her.

When asking why the girl's mother doesn't take her, the tot will say, "Her a library criminal."

(Her mother owes library fines for books that were due when she was out of town and can't check out any more books until the fee is paid.)

When the young girl's mother was going back to work after taking a couple years off to stay home with her daughter, the little girl learned to answer to questions about work.

She is quick to tell people her employer is "the man."

In recent days, my favorite story is one a friend living in Ohio shared with me.

Her nephew is quite passionate and dramatic for a four-year-old.

On a recent shopping trip the youngster got out of hand after his mother told him he could not have a hat he had seen in a store.

Throwing a fit, the young mother quickly put a stop to the temper-tantrum.

The disheveled youngster looked up at his mother and said, "You hurt my heart."

Then with his arms open wide he look to the ceiling and called out "Jesus, take me now."

I'm stilling trying to figure out where he got that one from.

Kids are funny, little people.

Before my husband and I found out we were expecting a child, we decided it would be fun to have a child with a "dark gift." For those who have seen the movie "Cheaper by the Dozen," you know what I mean, for those who haven't there is one child in the group who is a planner and instigator that rallies the other children in the family into her plans. It sure made life in that family interesting.

I don't think we'll have to worry about getting that child. My husband likes to say he was the perfect child, I on the other hand will admit that I wasn't the good child.

When I was little my parents went outside to investigate what they thought might be a chimney fire. What they didn't realize is as they walked out the door was that I was #1, awake and out of bed and #2, that I shut the door behind them and it locked.

As my mother tells it, I stood in the window of the house waving at my parents, not letting them back in as they panicked because they were afraid the house was going to catch on fire.

I was also the child who painted my brother's face with markers on a Saturday night (just in time for church). It was very colorful, but my parents didn't fully appreciate it at the time. Today, they laugh about it.

I'm sure I am to blame for much of my parents' gray hair, but there wouldn't be any great family stories if it were not for the things that we did as youngsters.

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