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It's helpful to know the lingo

I want to know who the person is out there who decides what are going to be the new "it" words. I want to know who decides what the newest catch phrases and hip sayings are going to be. Because I know one thing for sure - it isn't me.

One example is the word "bling." I for one had never heard of that word until a few years ago when it became one of the topics of people in the entertainment industry. Now, just a few years later it's a word that everyone is using. You hear high schoolers using the word bling to describe everything from sparkly necklaces to sequined handbags. It just suddenly became a mainstream word. A word I still personally can't bring myself to use in normal, every day conversation.

But, I guess, the root of my question when it comes to words like bling and many others is where do they come from. Is there a person holed up in a little office somewhere whose sole job it is to come up with these crazy words that mean nothing and make them into the latest in cool lingo?

That reminds me of a scene in one of my favorite movies, "Mean Girls." At one point one of the popular characters looks at a girl, compliments her on a bracelet she is wearing, saying "That's so fetch." It's then that another girls looks at her and tells here to stop trying to make fetch happen.

That makes me wonder, is starting the popularity of a new phrase as simple as getting out of bed one day and saying to yourself, "Today when I see someone who looks nice I'm going to say, 'Hey, you look totally chair today?'" Because if it really is that easy, I can start coming up with new "cool" words immediately.

I think it's also interesting how those words that were cool when we were young, can come back to bite you as you get older. I remember when words like awesome and dude were really the things to say. Now if I were to go up to someone and say, "Dude, you look so awesome today," I would feel a little silly.

But again, who is the person out there who decides that a word is no longer in? When is a person like me supposed to know whether or not it is still cool to say bling?

Maybe there is an e-mail list out there where certain people are notified regularly, like a monthly newsletter, giving them an update on what the new words are and which words are no longer acceptable. I know that for someone who doesn't like to get a lot of junk mail in my email box, I would definitely be OK if something like that started popping up every month.

So until I can figure out who the culprit coming up with these new words is and how everyone seems to know these new words at the same time, all I can say is to keep your head high and remember that you look pretty, darn chair today.


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