Bickleton announces honor roll

Bickleton School District has announced its honor roll for the first quarter.

7th and 8th Grade Honor Roll

One junior high school student, Jessica Cummings, earned a straight 'A' grade point average.

Others are:

Morgan McBride, 3.87; Marie Macias, 3.78; Katelynn Clinton, 3.68; Holly Goodnight, Johanna Jensen and Kaylee Lehman, 3.67.

High School Honor Roll

Two students, Corryn Raschko and Orion Yoesle, received straight 'A' grade point averages.

Others are:

Kirstin Slater, 3.95; Yesenia Macias and Ilsa Chapple, 3.81; Ryan Bravo, 3.80; Danielle Raschko, 3.67; Estela Gomez, 3.58; Andrew Venema, 3.53; Tricia McBride, 3.52; Jeannette Jarvis, 3.49; Eric Hess, 3.40; Jared Spalding, 3.33; Dillon Clingan, 3.32; Tyler Jensen, 3.31; Virginia Gomez, 3.28; Alejandra Molina, 3.26; and Clinton Berk, 3.22.

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