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What's the rush?

Well, we're over the thankful hill and sliding on toward Christmas. I hear people saying, "Can you believe it?'

It does seem that every year passes more quickly than the last. Are we living such a fast-paced life that the days get snowed under?

I think so.

Even the long, hot days of summer aren't so long any more.

What's all the rush? Where are we going in such a hurry? Will it kill us to slow down a little? It might kill us, if we don't.

The old saying 'take time to smell the roses' may be more important now than it ever was before. Americans are on the run, and we're teaching the kids to join the race.

Young people are more regimented, scheduled and stuck into slots than I'm comfortable with. I'd like to see some of the spontaneous recreation that fostered scooters handcrafted from orange boxes and slingshots put together out of strips of rubber tires and a good sturdy fork from a tree.

It wasn't so much what the kids made as that they were making something from almost nothing and using their imaginations to get the job done.

I'm sure the classes that whirl kids through karate, dancing, music, swimming, baton twirling and you name it, are doing them a lot of good. But I'm not seeing a whole lot of time left over for just sitting and thinking and spending time with mom and dad.

When I hear about all the scheduled activities kids today participate in, I get tired. I prefer the days when kids were left alone to be kids, to do nothing and revel in it.

The thought today seems to be, if we leave kids alone, they'll get into mischief of the malicious variety. Or will be bored.

I think-even with all the scheduled activities-we're going to be seeing more bored kids in the years ahead, if we don't help today's younger generation keep their imaginations alive and active.


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