It makes me very angry to read these false accusations made against my son, Marcus A. Torres, and for the readers to be made to believe what they have read in the

Daily Sun News

to be true.

It's just false accusations because I know the truth. I was there. I will make a stand in court or whatever it takes to clear my son's name and his family's, who once resided at 801 Harrison Ave.

They are not bad people, but Police Chief Ed Radder has given my family no legs to stand on with these allegations of false accusations. I, for one, can honestly say Police Chief Radder is out of line because he wasn't even there. It took the local police department 15 to 20 minutes after the (shooting) incident to respond. Where is the police protection? Why does it only work if you're white or in a white community?

I think Police Chief Radder shouldn't go by hearsay. The information released to the newspaper is only what he has heard, because the local police department didn't respond in a timely manner. If they had, it wouldn't have gone this far.

My son has had several incidents with Police Chief Radder, ever since he was 12 years old. Since then Police Chief Radder and some of his police officers, like Police Officer Melissa Rodriguez, have harassed my family. These people have personal vendettas against my family.

I can remember during the incident my three-year-old grandson screaming that some guys were trying to hit his daddy with rocks, big sticks and guns, and for mom to hurry and call his uncles to help his dad. At that point, the individuals in the black Dodge Stratus were trying to pull my son out of his yard. But he got loose and ran inside and told everyone to get on the ground because they were shooting at him.

My son then fired back after several shots were fired at him and our family. He was only doing what he felt was right. He was protecting his family as he was always taught.

Whatever happened to our Constitutional rights? Or do we have Constitutional rights? Who made Police Chief Radder God, playing with people's lives as he did with my son's. If he was in my son's shoes he would have done the same thing.

I don't understand where Police Chief Radder gets off saying that the individuals in the Dodge Stratus are still at large. The local police department has dealt with the other gang members and they know their whereabouts and can arrest them, but he chooses to let my son take the fall for everything because of the vendetta he has against my son.

I will take this as far as I can to clear my son's name, and if it means getting a lawyer I will, and I will sue the City of Sunnyside.

I think the

Daily Sun News

should take into consideration all the slander and false information printed about my family, and now the way the city looks at my family. I think you guys owe my son and his family an apology for the pain and suffering they have gone through.

/s/ the mother of Marcus A. Torres, Rose Torres

A vote for Aguilar is a vote for us

Have you ever wondered why we don't have more women on the Sunnyside City Council, who are looking out for our interests and concerns from their perspective and insight?

Council woman Bengie Aguilar has been doing just that for the past four years on behalf of the citizens of Sunnyside. She has provided continued balance, challenges and harmony toward addressing and resolving our needs and problems that has positively affected each and every one of us by improving our quality of living. She has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in persuading her fellow council members in consensus building decisions that have resulted in significant social, economical and infrastructure improvements for the whole population of Sunnyside.

Honesty, fairness and devotion to family values, and respect for equality for others are Council Woman Bengie Aguilar's "flag of honor," which has motivated her both spiritually and with grit of determination to tackle tough social issues that others fear to address. Her commitment and dedication toward addressing unjust and unpopular issues on behalf of the citizens of Sunnyside has clearly made her a target for those who would want to maintain the status quo. Her innovative approaches and ideas toward addressing these issues identify her as an assertive and progressive individual who motivates others toward promoting and enhancing positive changes for Sunnyside.

Supporting continuous progress and positive changes for Sunnyside can only be accomplished through those who foster and promote our concerns and initiatives for the benefit of Sunnyside. Council Woman Bengie Aguilar is such a person, who sincerely cares about our needs and truly listens to understand our concerns. We, the citizens of Sunnyside, are very fortunate to have such an outstanding individual and leader on the city council.

Her compassionate, intuitive approach is truly the quality and persona we need to maintain on the Sunnyside City Council. Vote to re-elect Bengie Aguilar to Sunnyside City Position #4.

/s/ Donna Stewart, Sunnyside


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