Candidate throws support to Epps

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the friends and relatives that voted for me in the Primary Election. I also want to thank all the friends and relatives that helped on my campaign in many different ways. Through your efforts and help, we came close to winning.

I would encourage all my friends and relatives to please support Bruce Epps for Sunnyside City Council Position #2 in any way you can in the General Election. Bruce is a good man and certainly deserves our vote and support. He will do a good job in representing all the people of Sunnyside.

/s/ Ignacio Resendez, Sunnyside

Progress made

I have been reading the commentary in the paper recently regarding the purchase of the Monson feedlot by the City of Sunnyside. One of the truly great notions we share is the right to disagree publicly about an issue, yet still remain a community. Democracy is a wonderful thing.

Our city council demonstrates this when both left and right band together to solve community issues. Such is the case here, where past and current council members have agreed to defend a difficult decision made to better the Lower Valley.

I wish to express my admiration of the Monson family, the past and current council members and all the staff support from both sides that was necessary to reach a negotiated agreement to the largest, most volative and emotional issue this community has faced in these past decades. It is critical to understand that the manner of the issue being resolved is the true gem; a problem had grown out of control, and resources were lacking for anyone to accomplish the fix by themselves. It has taken a lot of courage, leadership and regard for others to have these parties agree to a settlement, and keep the issue out of court.

Let us recognize those who have borne the responsibility and have provided a vision to us all of a better tomorrow for Sunnyside. It was difficult for them to stand alone; I hope the satisfaction in the years to come provide each with a true sense of accomplishment.

Hey Sunnyside! Have you heard? We are in search of a new identity - the old one is history!

/s/ Marshall Doak, Sunnyside

Vote for Rohde

We, the supporters of Mary Rita Rohde, are asking each voter within the Sunnyside School District to consider voting for Mary Rita Rohde for Sunnyside School Board Position #2.

Having been a long time Sunnyside resident, as well as a part of its educational community for most of those years, I have always appreciated the time and effort put in by our school board members. Believe me, it is not an easy job. Everyone in the community benefits from strong schools that provide the assurance of the best possible education to each of our students.

Mary Rita Rhode has a very diverse background. She has been a teacher, high school principal, school volunteer, college professor, community organizer and a director of an international organization. Mary Rita believes that education starts at home. Mary Rita has that unique ability to reach out to all students and parents from those who are college bound to those who choose a vocational track. She will work to support each student while finding ways to bring parents into the schools to ensure their involvement with their own child's education. Keeping students in school and raising the graduation rates is just one of her prime objectives.

Mary Rita understands the demands that teachers face when he or she enters the classroom. She believes the instructional needs of students should be of paramount concern and that the bureaucratic aspects that are at times imposed upon schools should not intrude into the classroom. Teachers should be free to teach.

It is time for a fresh approach!

Once again I am asking you to vote for Mary Rita Rohde for Sunnyside School Board Position #2.

/s/ Barbara Merz, Sunnyside

Gant supporter

This letter is written in support of Mr. Bill Gant, a candidate for Sunnyside City Council. I have known Bill for the past 13 years in my position as the executive director of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

I have come to know Bill as a hard working and organized individual. He is a skilled leader who studies the issues thoroughly, makes sound decisions and stands by those decisions. Bill also understands how to be an advocate for his constituency while factoring in the impact their requests will have on all. Bill is also a loyal, caring, giving individual who possesses the highest ethics and demonstrates his commitment to his values in all he does.

Above all, Bill is a family man, committed to their present and future.

Each of these characteristics makes Bill an exceptional candidate for Sunnyside City Council.

/s/ Mike A. Colbrese, Renton

Zamarron can make a difference

I was pleased to hear that Susanna Zamarron has added her name to the list of candidates that are running for the Sunnyside School Board. I commend her for stepping up to the plate and showing her commitment to the community.

I have known Susy for some time now and I believe that she possesses qualities and skills that would be an asset to our school board, as well as to our community. Mrs. Zamarron has several children in the schools and one that just graduated, and is now attending college.

She has participated in school projects and has stayed actively involved on school committees. She is currently on the Ethics Committee for the school district. She has impressed me with her attitude and true concern for creating partnerships and opening up communication between parents, staff and the school board. She speaks of a better tomorrow with sincerity and hope that our students will be successful and become our future leaders. She demonstrates a genuine interest in becoming more involved and promoting parent participation and involvement in our schools.

Susanna Zamarron is a proven, active member of our community, and she will make a difference on our school board. I would encourage the community to vote for Susanna Zamarron for Sunnyside School Board Position #3.

/s/ Carrie Stone, Sunnyside

Actions speak louder than words

I read and re-read the letter of praise for Sunnyside Council person Bengie Aguilar in last Wednesday's

Daily Sun News

(10-12-05). I am sure that the writer is sincere, however she left out any any specifics or accomplishments to support her claim that Mrs. Aguilar has been a good council person.

I believe that actions do indeed speak louder than words. So, I have listed some of Bengie Aguilar's actions as a Sunnyside Council person. They are all true, and most were documented in the Daily Sun News.

She has the worst attendance record on city council.

She cried and stormed out of an ongoing city council meeting when she did not get her way.

She wanted to use race and gender as qualifications for city office appointments.

She supported her brother-in-law for a city office appointment and her relative for city manager.

She was the tie-breaking vote for the largest property tax increase in eight years.

She was the tie-breaking vote to give thousands of dollars of tax breaks to an organization she is part of, even after more than 50 Sunnyside residents petitioned her to excuse herself from the vote.

You have the facts. You decide if they add up to a good council person.

/s/ Don Vlieger, Sunnyside

Info sought

on monument

We need help, and hope there is someone out there who knows something about the monument that is at the Orchardvale Grange hall, at 660 Orchardvale Rd., out of Zillah.

There are about 51 names on this monument, which was dedicated on Nov. 11, 1919, in memory of the Orchardvale men who served in World War I. We have no idea who erected and dedicated this monument to them.

If anyone has any information that they can remember hearing or know about, could you please let us know.

We have a picture of the dedication with all of the Model T cars in it. The Orchardvale School was there at that time.

We would like to get this information and record it, if we can find it. Please contact me, Master of Orchardvale Grange, at 839-7336. Thank you.

/s/ Dorothy Clayton, Sunnyside


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